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Transfer to UMaine - Frequently Asked Questions

Can a transfer student live on campus?

Yes!  We offer a transfer student community in one of our upper-class residence halls.  This community will allow you to connect with other students who have a similar background to you, and the staff in this hall offer programming and support specifically targeting the needs of transfer students.

How do I apply for on-campus housing?

Once you have been accepted, you may access the Housing Application on the Housing Services page. Housing assignments are made on a date priority basis.

When will I learn how my credits from other college(s) transfer?

Unofficial credit evaluation prior to admission is available through the Office of Student Records. Please send an email to Official credit evaluation will be available in your MaineStreet account shortly after you have been accepted.

I want to take some courses before I transfer to UMaine. How do I know if the course credit will transfer to UMaine?

The University of Maine System has a public website with transfer equivalencies from more than 1,000 colleges. To access Transfer Course Equivalencies on MaineStreet, click here. No password or ID is needed.  Simply follow the instructions.

How do I know how a course will apply to my intended major?

If the course in question has an exact match on the Transfer Course Equivalencies chart to a course required in your intended major then it fulfills that specific requirement.

How do I know if a course will fulfill a UMaine General Education requirement?

The MaineStreet Transfer Course Equivalencies guide identifies the General Education requirement category in the far right column. The General Education requirement is described in the UMaine catalog.

Can transfers apply for either the spring or the fall semester?

Yes. For more information,

Is there an application deadline for transfers?

No.  Applications for the spring and fall semesters are considered on a rolling basis. We suggest that you apply well ahead of the first day of classes in order to experience a smooth transition to UMaine.

Are scholarships awarded to transfers?

Yes.  UMaine has a limited number of  transfer scholarships for Maine community college transfers, Phi Theta Kappa members and general transfer students.   These scholarships are awarded through the admission process and do not have a separate application.  Priority is given to fall applicants who have submitted their application by Feb. 1.  There are no scholarships awarded to spring applicants.

How to I apply for a transfer scholarship?

There is no scholarship application. Awards are made by reviewing application materials. Your college GPA and the number of completed courses are considered when awarding scholarships.

When do I register for classes?

For the fall semester: Current students and new transfer students register in March based on the number of credits they have completed.
For the spring semester: Current Students and new transfer students register in November based on the number of credits they have completed.
It is important to contact your academic department as soon as you have been accepted to find out how to begin the process.

What is academic advising like at UMaine?

Not every academic department approaches advising the same way. Most advising is done with an assigned faculty member.

Do transfers need the same application materials as high school students?

No SAT or ACT scores are required as long as you have completed 12 or more transferable college level credits.
No SAT or ACT scores are needed if you are age 20 or older.
No recommendation is needed.
Other required application materials: application (or reactivation) form, $40 application fee, transcripts from all colleges attended whether courses were completed or not, final high school transcript or GED, essay (a paragraph or two will suffice).

Can I transfer into the Nursing Program?

Admission to the nursing program is competitive, based on both your credentials and space available in the program. Admission to the Nursing program is extremely competitive and limited because of restricted space. Transferring into the Nursing Program is only an option for the fall semester.

What if I previously applied or was previously accepted to UMaine but did not attend?

All the application materials that you submitted will be accessible for two years after the application term.  An abbreviated form (the Reactivation Form) is available for you to submit with a $40 reactivation fee. You will need to submit current academic information.

What if I previously applied to a different University Maine System Campus?

You will need to fill out an application and send a $40 application fee. You will need to submit current academic information. We will notify you if we do not have all the materials needed to review your application. Some documents are shared by all campuses in the UMS.

What if I attended UMaine but did not finish my degree or transferred to a different college?

In this case, you would contact the academic department for the degree that you are interested in completing. You will need to complete a re-admit process, but you do not need to re-apply through the Office of Admissions.

How do I contact an academic department?

Colleges and Academic Departments:

  • Maine Business School,  207-581-1997
  • College of Education and Human Development 207-581-2435
  • College of Engineering 207-581-2217
  • Honors College 207-581-3263
  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 207-581-1961
  • College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture 207-581-3206

Most individual majors have designated faculty as a point of contact. For individual major phone and email information, click here.

Where do I find the curriculum guide for the major I am interested in?

The Undergraduate Catalog has curriculum guides for each major. Please read all information carefully.

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