Art Education

The art education program at the University of Maine is the largest and most comprehensive in Maine. It offers students an integrated liberal arts program that places both theory and practice at the center of their learning experiences. As a result, students are not only prepared as “highly qualified” art teachers, they are also well educated in the complexity and diversity of art and our visual and material culture. The Department of Art offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art Education. Art Education today includes research, the study of educational theory, the development of studio skills and art historical understanding as well as practice in teaching. Students who major in art education graduate with a liberal arts education that includes minors in studio art and art history. A combination of study in studio art, art history, aesthetics and art criticism helps Art Education majors develop a comprehensive understanding of how art knowledge is organized and conveyed. In addition, students engage in research and study the historical, cultural, psychological and philosophical foundations of art education and gain practical, hands-on experience in the teaching process.


Department of Art

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First-Year Contact

Rachelle Maietta


Transfer Contact

Donna Taylor-Schmidt