• Contact information:

    • Email is best (and fastest):
    • Call: 207.581.1728 (leave a message)
    • Follow us on social: Facebook @umainebookstore; Instagram @umbookstore
    • Campus location: Memorial Union, lower level
  • Hours:

    • Hours: Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.; Closed weekends
    • In-person appointments are available by appointment only. 
    • Memorial Union is currently closed to anyone without a MaineCard. 
    • Reopening information will be available at the end of July.
    • Website has a great search function! Type in one or two words (e.g. Used books) and hit enter.
  • Textbook reservations: 

    • Only first-year students may reserve books
    • Being taken now through July 31 at (click on the textbook reservation button) and make sure to put your hoodie size in the comments section
    • We’ve also made a video about textbook reservation available on Facebook and Instagram:
    • Books will be pulled once class schedules are finalized in early August. Payment will be processed at this time.
    • Only required books will be pulled in the style requested (eg. new, used)
    • Reservations will be delivered to students on campus at their res hall; for off campus students participating in reservations, choose pick up. If you would like your books mailed to you, please contact the Bookstore to get further details
    • If books are not needed, they may be returned at the start of the semester. For new books, do not open any wrapping if you MIGHT return.
  • Class materials and study supplies:
    • The Bookstore carries the class supplies your professors note that you’ll need. This includes art supplies, sheet music, engineering supplies, nursing supplies, and other technical supplies.
    • Need official UMaine study materials such as three ring binders, notebooks, paper, envelopes, day planners, calendars, pens, highlighters and select office goods? We have those too.
  • About books:
    • Why buy from the University Bookstore? We understand that purchasing books can be an expensive proposition. That’s why we consistently monitor the online textbook marketplace to ensure our rates are competitive. In addition, you can compare prices online at
    • You are not required to buy your books through the bookstore, however, by buying them from the official campus source, you ensure that you’re getting the right book and edition, plus you get onsite service (and avoid shipping when picking up on campus). 
    • Learn more about book options:
      • New books: Never used before. New books tend to be more expensive, but we work to ensure competitive rates with other online retailers.
      • Used books: These books have been used, but are in reusable condition. That might mean there is light writing, highlighting and dog ears, however, we ensure that these books are in good condition. Used books offer a value when it comes to saving money.
      • Ebooks and rentals: These options are chosen by professors. Codes are available at the Bookstore with your purchase. These are NOT included in textbook reservations.
  • Clothing, supplies, and more
    • The bookstore is the official source for UMaine merchandise, including clothes, drinkware, lanyards, hats, and more. Shop online at
    • Summer Sizzler Sale is running online now through July 31! Check out the savings:
    • Bear Necessities Fan Shop is our fan store that focuses on clothing and fan supplies for UMaine’s teams. View what’s available at The store in Alfond Arena is currently closed to in-person shopping. Store opening information will be available at the end of the month.
    • Check out our New Student special to get your first piece of UMaine merch ON SALE:

Tech Center

  • Hours: Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.; Closed weekends
  • Tech Center Contact:

    • Email is best (and fastest) —; Zoom appointments available upon request
    • Call: 207.581.2580
  • Dell campus rep, Bri Murchison: 

Buying your computer:

Other fun stuff:
  • The Tech Center also sells hardware accessories, adapters, dongles and hard drives plus all the audio essentials you need to groove to.
  • We also sell computer components.
  • Are you a gamer? Our selection of systems includes XBox and Nintendo with controllers and games.

Live Q&A

Q: Are students whose classes require a textbook required to purchase the textbooks from the UMaine bookstore, or can they be purchased from other resources if possible?
A: Students can purchase their textbooks from anywhere, but the Bookstore will ensure they receive the correct book and the correct edition. You can use our textbook comparison tool to compare prices at to discover your savings. We recommend using textbook reservations for your best ordering experience. Do this at and click on the “Textbook reservation” button.

Q: What are good places to get used college textbooks?
A: The Bookstore offers a textbook comparison tool that allows you to compare prices to amazon and others. Find it at University Bookstore will ensure that students always receive the right textbook and edition.

Q: Why are the apple computer options limited – some configurations are not available through bookstore. but are offered by Apple. What is the advantage of purchasing an Apple computer through the UMaine bookstore?
A: Please contact the Tech Center at 207.581.2580 and we can give you more information about the specific examples offered or how they can modify your Apple computer! The Tech Center is the only Apple Campus Store in the state of Maine and we specialize in this brand. In fact, we ensure any education pricing is included in the models we have available.

Q: There are some textbooks which, when purchases or rented, contain additional resources or codes that lead to practice websites / resources. Are there any classes where these codes for additional resources are required, and if so, can they only be purchased in the UMaine bookstore?
A: The University Bookstore’s textbook staff can answer any questions you might have about specific codes for specific classes. Call 207.581.1728 email

Q: What are the specs of the dell computers?
A: Find all the Dell specs at Our University of Maine Dell Campus Rep, Bri Murchison, is available to do zoom calls or answer specific Dell questions! 

Q: Are there any policies or restrictions towards computers purchased from the UMaine tech center, particularly with regards to repairs / damages? Can Linux and Windows be downloaded on Dell computers purchased from the tech center?
A: Any computer purchased from the Tech Center is eligible for on-site service. All Dells come with the Windows operating system. We recommend adding warranty service to any computer you purchase from us.

Q: Is there a free version of Microsoft Office available to students?
A: There is! It is available through the UMaine Portal, which your student can log into anytime. If you have questions about installing the software, contact the Tech Center. More software available here:

Q: Was the $300-$500 price mentioned per book or per semester?
A: That is per semester. Textbook prices vary based on class.

Q: Can laptops and desktop computers not purchased through the UMaine tech center (i.e., personal laptops) be repaired by the tech center? If so, are there any particular costs towards having those fixed?
A: UMaine students can have their computers serviced on campus through the Tech Center. All service is done on site. For specific information on costs, contact the Tech Center at 207.581.2580.

Q: How much do the computers cost?
A: You can get a full listing of specs and prices at Computer prices vary depending on the specs and any custom additions.

Q: Is there an exhaustive list of all items besides laptops / computers (i.e., earbuds / headphones, chargers, etc.) that the UMaine tech center offers? Can this list be found anywhere online? Can any hardware other than laptops / computers be repaired at the tech center?
A: The store has been trying to get all of their tech items online during this period. While they are not all online currently, we’re working on that! We offer game consoles, chargers, Raspberry Pis and much more. Please call the Tech Center at 207.581.2580 for any specific questions. Thank you! Great question.

Q: How do i contact dell rep?
A: Bri’s Facebook group has all of her contact information:

Q: Where can you go to find the specific books needed for each of your classes if I choose to purchase them outside of the bookstore?
A: Once the class lists are fully up, you can find that info right on the bookstore’s website:

Q: Where should students go to reserve textbooks?
A: You can reserve textbooks online at and click on the button marked reservations!

Q: If special software is required e.g. music notation software for a music ed major, would that be available through the bookstore?
A: live answered. The Tech Center can assist you in finding sources to purchase major and class specific software. Give them a call at 207.581.2780.

Q: I’ve been told I need a special computer/laptop for my engineering courses. Is this true and if so, what kind of computer/laptop do I need?
A: Great question! You can find all of the computer recommendations here:

Q: Hello, looking at Apple C and D. Any reason the same 512 to 1TB HDD upgrade is 400 more on D, but only 200 on C?
A: Hi Tori! I’d recommend you reach out to the Tech Center. They can run the benefits by you to match your specific needs.

Q: Could someone please put the link for the first year textbook request service in the chat?
A: Certainly: or

Q: is it best to call to order the computer
A: Absolutely! They can customize based on any additional needs too. But you are not restricted to calling to order. If you have questions, give us a call, but you can certainly order online. Specs are all listed online on the bookstore website.

Q: Did I hear that reserved textbooks are delivered to a student’s dorm hall?
A: Yes! With reservations they will be delivered to the student’s room! No carrying books across campus!

Q: My son is a studio art major and some of his classes say consumable supplies. If I register at the bookstore, do they supply supplies as well? Thank you!
A:  We carry lots of art supplies, but they are not part of textbook reservation. If a professor has given us their list of products, we do our best to stock them. Great question!

Q: What happens if i don’t need all of the books because I already have them from siblings? How will that affect reserving books?
A: You can utilize the comments section for not only your hoodie size, but also what books you don’t need. If you are worried, give the Bookstore a call at 207.581.1728 or email

Q: Is there digital version of textbooks?
A: It depends on the professor. Some professors will note there is a digital version available.

Q: Where is the charge for our books put if we use the reserved book service?
A: The charge all depends on what books your classes require. You can select “Used, otherwise new” to get as many used books as possible. You will be contacted before your card is charged in August. Dean is answering this live now, actually.

Q: Can you explain the difference between the dell and the need for bio med eng. ?
A: I would recommend you reach out to the Tech Center or Bri. They can help you weigh the benefits. Bio Med Engineering has recommended a certain computer

Q: What is the website address to reserve books?
A: will take you directly to that page. Remember to include your hoodie size in the comments!

Q: How do we get ahold of the dell lady? i missed it
A: “Dell campus rep email: Dell rep: Bri Murchison —
University of Maine Dell Campus Representative:

Q: Are there any publicly-available printers that anyone can print off of within the campus? If so, does printing from these printers come with any costs?
A: Each student gets a certain amount of Pharos printing funds on their MaineCard each year. Printing does come at a cost, to make up for the ink and paper. Learn more at

Q: My son tried to make a textbook reservation and it asked his dorm room and housing. He has not received this infromation yet. Can he still make a reservation without housing information or do you need to wait until this infromation comes out?
A: Housing assignments will be available starting Monday. You do not need to wait to reserve your textbooks!

Q: My apologies to asking about textbooks, but I am a transfer student living off campus, so will i have to pick them up at the bookstore when available or will they be mailed to me?
A: Mailing textbooks can be prohibitive, cost wise for many folks, so we offer pick up. We have pick up windows in the Union that will be utilized if you don’t want to come into the store. However, if you’d like to have your books mailed to you, please contact the Bookstore or add that information into the comments on your order.

Q: Where do I find the titles of the books I need for my classes? Is it located on the portal, or do I have to reserve them through the bookstore first before I know what I’m using?
A: Reservation will pull your schedule and required textbooks. If you do textbook lookup for your classes once you have your schedule, you can also order books then, but if it is after 7/31 your books will have to be picked up at the Bookstore.

Q: Are there laser printers available for black and white documents, or just inkjet printers?’
A: Campus printers are typically laser printers.

Q: Do you know where university printers are located on campus or if any are located in residence halls?
A: They are located at Hilltop Dining, in the Library, the Memorial Union, and more. Here’s a link you might find helpful:

Q: What software is loaded when we purchase through the bookstore
A: Just the operating system and any programs the vendor provides.

Q: If we don’t need some of our books anymore, can we sell them back to the store?
A: You can return them to the Bookstore through the add/drop period. If the book has cellophane wrapping, don’t open it until you know you’ll need it for class! We also typically do Textbook Buyback at the end of the semester.

Q: Can i buy a computer even if i might take a gap year this year?
A: We require that students be enrolled to take advantage of purchasing from us. Contact the tech center with questions at 207.581.2580.

Q: So if the book doesn’t not have cellophane wrapping, we can’t use it in the textbook buyback?
A: You sure can! You can’t return it for full price, however.

Q: How many printing credits do we get a semester? How are they measured? By pages or prints?
A: This link can help you:

Q: Can you provide a link to the IT website?
A: Here you go: For the Tech Center in the Bookstore, that is part of the Bookstore website:

Q: If I did the free Microsoft Office download, would I still have Office on my computer after I was no longer a student?
A: After your tenure with UMaine ends, your license will expire. You must typically renew your license annually.

Q: I’m sorry if this was answered already but how do we reserve books?
A: No problem! Go to and you can start there. We also have a how-to video on our Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget your hoodie size in the Order Comments!

Q: Does the tech center have/provide anti virus software?
A: We do not. Most PCs come with an offer for low-pricing.

Q: Nintendo?
A: Sure do!

Q: Will you get a confirmation email that your reservation went through for the bookstore?
A: You will! You’ll also be contacted so that you will know your card is being charged in August.