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Q: Why are schedules on Navigate and MaineStreet different? Who do I email to get clarification?
A: You can contact Kimberly Stewart ( regarding Navigate. Your MaineStreet schedule is your “official” schedule. Kim can help clear up any discrepancies.

Q: How do I drop a class and how do I know what credits I need for my major?
A: First go to You can submit a request to change your course schedule. I also invite you to stay tuned for the announcement of upcoming department zoom sessions. Finally if you go to and to the A to Z directory you can find the department that houses your chosen major. Feel free to contact the department directly, or call us at the CLAS Advising Center (again

Q: When do we get assigned an advisor? I looked on my mainstreet to find out who mine is but it says I haven’t been assigned one.
A: If you have a declared major you will be assigned a major shortly. The CLAS Advising Center will assist this summer as well, so feel free to send any questions to

Q: How and/or when can we know who our assigned advisor is?
A: Your advisor’s name will be in your Student Center in MaineStreet. Most students have advisors assigned. If you don’t yet, no worries–it should happen soon. You can always email for an update.

Q: What are the differences in Honors College vs. Main College?
A: Students in the Honors Program have an academic major in other colleges. Many CLAS majors participate in the Honors Program. There is an Honors curriculum, and students will write an undergraduate honors thesis in their discipline. The regular requirements of your declared major will also need to be completed.

Q: My son is going to be a Mathematics Major (with intent to become an Actuary).  What computer is the most appropriate for him to purchase?  Which one is the most prominently used for students in this Major? Additionally, if he wants to double major in Business when does he need to declare?
A: Please contact Tamara Hembree, Administrative Support Supervisor 207.581.3901 with technology requirements. Always best to declare a major early, for advising purposes and being able to plan ahead.

Q: Do you have a 5 year masters program? (get a bachelors + masters degree within 5 years)
A: Yes! There’s a complete list of “double up” programs at

Q: I have a question on my bill for summer classes, who should I contact?
A: Email the Bursar’s Office at

Q: Due to COVID-19, for my first semester as a freshman, do I have to dorm or can I join online?
A: We are planning to be open as a residential campus. We’ll also work with students to create a course schedule that can be completed remotely if needed. Email the AASC director at with questions about how to do this–but if you can wait a week or two, we’ll be able to provide more concrete information about the options.

Q: Is it possible to have a minor in a different college than your major?
A: Yes, absolutely. There are dozens of minors to choose from, and you can easily cross college lines in selecting a minor.

Q: Yes, explain majors, minors, concentrations, etc
A: A major is your principal area of study. In CLAS, students seeking the bachelor of arts must select a second major or a minor. Bachelor of Science degrees do not have this requirement. In terms of credit hours a minor is essentially half that of a major. Concentrations are typically areas of focus within a major.

Q: How do you join sororities and when?
A: Check this website for information and contacts

Q: Is research required for all majors?
A: Every major has research opportunities, and every major has a capstone course for seniors. Most capstones are research-oriented, but the details depend on the specific major.

Q: Are you able to participate in theater shows if you aren’t a theater major?
A: Yes! Both auditions for roles and crew positions are open for everyone!

Q: Are there extra opportunities for Explorations students similar to the ones for declared majors?
A: Every Explorations student takes a First-Year Seminar that helps students create connections across campus. Students usually leave Explorations for a major after 1-3 semesters, so that they can take advantage of opportunities in their major too.

Q: How politically diverse is Maine with the student base? My HS was not diverse in any way. How tolerant is this school over varying opinions?
A: Hi! This is a super valid question. Although it sometimes feels that the student body is very left leaning, my political science professors have always been very bipartisan. Most of my professors have never shared their personal views. Also, there is a political club for every view.

Q: How feasible is it to complete the honors requirements as a transfer student?
A: It depends — Honors students do typically enter the program in their first year, but we have often worked with students in their second year to see how Honors can work with their path. I would advise you to reach out to to discuss that possibility.

Q: I’m majoring in climate change. What are some of the opportunities for me?
A: As a student majoring in Human Dimensions of Climate Change, there are a lot of opportunities for internships. Please visit

Q: Can we take classes that have prerequisite or is it mandatory to take them in order?
A: Typically, prerequisites are there because there is important knowledge/learning acquired in the previous class. There are sometimes occasions when a professor is able to waive a prerequisite, however.

Q: How do we schedule our classes for fall?
A: Students who have completed their financial responsibility statement and their Course Preference Form should have their first-year classes already available in MaineStreet. If you still haven’t received your schedule, you will want to reach out to Advising and Academic Services!

Q: I’m going in under the Explorations Program and when asked to choose classes I selected ones that seemed to interest me. I was assigned Intro to Forestry and Oceans…if I do not choose one of these majors is it good for me to take these classes to see how the programs are?
A: Explorations advisors sign students up based on their areas of interest, but also try to select classes that meet requirements even if the student decides on a different major. This would be a great question to ask at the Explorations session, July 2, 2:00. Watch your email for an invite, or email to set up a time to talk individually.

Q: Where is the course preference form?
A: The course preference form is available here:

Q: Do you think we need cars?
A: I can’t speak for others, but my personal take is no, not really. The campus is big and has most amenities, and the town of Orono is maybe a five minute walk away, with buses also going to Bangor.

Q: Are auditions for shows open to the community or are they specific to theater/music majors?
A: Auditions are open to all UMaine students!

Q: How can non-majors get involved in technical theatre?
A: Non-majors are still welcome to get involved in theatre. You can reach out to the current Chair of Theatre, Dan Bilodeau at for more information!

Q: How can I join music ensembles?
A: Check in with Laura Artesani, Music Division chair. Ensembles are open to all students. You don’t have to be a music major or minor to participate.

Q: I have received my class schedule for the upcoming fall, and in it, I’m scheduled for a general education math class. Recently I just transferred a math credit that satisfies the general education requirement. How do I drop the already scheduled math course?
A: Hi there: you can fill out our Course Adjustment Form here: and explain the circumstances, and they should be able to make the adjustment!

Q: Is there a list of student organizations on UMaine’s website?
A: Yes:

Q: Is there any way to get involved in my major’s department before the semester begins?
A: Specific departments will be hosting zoom events in the coming weeks where you’ll have a chat to meet some of your future colleagues. That would be a great question for those events!

Q: Could I have any information about traveling abroad programs or opportunities or really any information about it in general?
A: I would recommend you check out the Office of International Programs website! They have all of the info about study abroad opportunities.

Q: Is the drama in high school different in college?
A: Absolutely — depending on whom you surround yourself with. Choose wisely 🙂