Q: How will we meet our advisor/counselor that is specific to us?
A: You will be assigned an advisor (you can find that on your MaineStreet account) and faculty is always willing to meet and chat.

Q: I know that there is a difference between being in the Honors dorms and being in the Honors College, but I don’t really understand the difference. Could someone explain?
A: The Honors College is, in essence, the program. If you are part of the Honors College you have an option to live in the Honors dorm. Students living in that dorm are all in the Honors College program.

Q: Does anyone specify in Kinesiology?
A: There is a Kinesiology major with a few concentrations. If you would like more information on this, you can email me at stephen.allan@maine.edu.

Q: What laptop should I use if I’m in kinesiology?
A: It really doesn’t matter.

Q: Are there going to be study abroad opportunities this upcoming school year?
A: Study abroad is available for all of our majors in education! We learn all about the programs and opportunities in our EHD100 class!

Q: Is there any way we can play around with what classes we take? I want to take spanish 4 and/or ASL but I am not sure how too.
A: Faith of Dom can totally help you with that. Reach out to the Advising Center: umaine.edu/edhd/students/advising-center/

Q: Do Athletic Training majors need to take the math placement exam?
A: Yes

Q: Could you list the majors that don’t need to take the math exam?
A: Elementary Education, CHF, Early Chilldhood Edu, Secondary Edu – Social Studies, Language, English

Q: On my schedule my KPE and my political science class overlap… what do I do?
A: Email stephen.allan@maine.edu

Q: Where is the GPS in the navigate app?
A: That will be turned on when you get on campus

Q: What buses travel out-of-state?
A: The Concord Coach Line picks up on campus, and the Greyhound Bus picks up in Bangor!

Q: Are you doing anything with Outdoor Education for teaching in the public schools.
A: One of the skills courses for the Teaching/Coaching is Outdoor Activities.

Q: With the ATR program, does it cross with Exercise Science? I am enrolled in ATR but my ultimate goal is to be a PT focusing on athletics.
A: If PT is your ultimate goal, Exercise Science is the degree program you want. The AT program has a very structured curriculum that does not allow for all of the requirements you need to apply to graduate school for PT.

Q: Since I was already accepted to ATR, how would I change or incorportate the classes?
A: EHD 100 is a great time to have those discussions and make those decisions. Taking EHD 100 and KPE 100 will help you make that decision.

Q: What about taking a college class during college? Like college English through Thomas college.
A: The Advising Center can help with this but basically there is a form to transfer credits to UMaine.

Q: Is KPE 253 the same as KPE 100?
A: No, those are two different classes. KPE 253 is Lifetime Fitness for health and KPE 100 is an Intro to AT course.

Q: I was assigned KPE 253, should I be taking KPE 100?
A: KPE 253 is required for all programs in the School of Kinesiology, Physical Education and Athletic Trainging. KPE 100 is just for AT students.

Q: Who should we reach out to regarding concerns about being in the right major for future goals?
A: You can definitely email dominick.varney@maine.edu

Q: I was assigned POS 120, if I wanted to pick a different gen-ed, can I?
A: Go to the first class and see how it goes. We can always modify your schedule the first week of classes. No worries at all.