Orientation Leaders

What is an Orientation Leader?

Orientation Leaders will help facilitate Summer Orientation for all of our newest Black Bears! You will be there to create a welcoming and exciting environment for our newest students. Facilitating ice breakers, dancing at the nightly bonfire/dance party, hanging out with the new Black Bears, and other fun activities will be required of you. Sounds great, right?!

So when is Summer Orientation?

If chosen to be an Orientation Leader, we will need you from Thursday, June 22nd until Saturday, July 1st for training and then a week of Orientation fun!

What are some of the perks?

Housing on-campus, a meal plan, and a $500 stipend will be provided to you! Also, don’t forget about tremendous amounts of FUN!

So, how do I apply?

Great question! Follow the link and submit the application by noon on Friday, April 15th. You will then be contacted if you have or have not made it to the interview round.

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