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The University of Maine System (UMS) continues to strongly encourage all members, students, staff and faculty to be fully vaccinated when returning to campus. As an incoming first year student, once you are vaccinated, please let us know by providing a copy of your vaccination information on our secure campus portal (External Site). This records your vaccination information for validation for this fall. You will need your MaineStreet username and password to log on. Detailed instructions can be found at:


Questions for Housing/Residence Life

Can a student stay on campus during Spring break? If you’d like to be on campus during winter or spring break, you should contact housing and request to be placed in a continuous hall. Most of our residence halls close during these times.
Do most students go home during Spring break? Yes, many do. It depends! I was an out-of-state student, and many of my friends stayed in the area for spring break or went home to visit their families for only a weekend. If someone in your friend group has a car, it’s also likely that groups of friends will go to Canada or Boston! I went to Canada with a group of friends for my first-year spring break.
Are the dining halls normal or take out only for this year? It’ll be a little bit of both this year. UMaine Dining is working out the logistics of some added value benefits to meal plans this year which will include meal swipe exchanges at the Bear’s Den for Unlimited Meal Plan holders as well as some to-go meals, but we’re excited to share that our dining rooms will be reopened! Follow us on social to ensure that you are up-to-date with the most recent details!
How do you request a roommate? You would want to include that information on your housing application. If you have already submitted your housing application you will want to reach out to housing directly at
Are visitors allowed this year on campus/ in residence halls? Residential students will be able to visit one another in the various residence halls this year, but we will not be allowing external visitors. The exception to this of course is Maine Hello!
Can I bring a small slow-cooker, steamer, and/or electric kettle? Can I have a heated mattress pad? You should check out our list. Small appliances should have an automatic turn off. Keurig’s are perfect for heating up water instead of a typical electric kettle. If you have specific appliance questions, go ahead and email housing at and we can talk nitty gritty with you! Air fryers and heated mattress pads are not allowed in residence halls.
When are we receiving our dorm room assignments? Room assignments will be released starting July 1! 
Will the dorm room come with a mattress or would we have to buy our own? Res hall rooms definitely come with a mattress. They also come with a box spring and frame, a dresser, a desk and chair, plus a trash can and recycle can. If you’re over 6’4” we have extra long beds. The twin beds are twin extra long beds.
Can you get reduced housing costs if we’re an RA? RA’s receive free room and board!
Do you get training when you first start as an RA? Absolutely! Our RAs get to come back early in the Fall to get trained on how to be an RA! This gives them time to settle back into campus and get to know their other staff members.
When can you become an RA? After 2 semesters of living on campus.
If you get an RA position do you have to take a single room or is it only offered if you receive the RA position? A single room is given to you in the residence hall you will be monitoring. You may request accommodations for a different room through Residence Life during the RA hiring process.
Where do transfer students live if they are incoming junior? They will live in upperclassman housing, which is scattered over many residence halls on campus.
How do you know if you’re going to be in a suite? First year students typically aren’t in suites, however, if you are assigned to one, you’ll learn that when you get your room assignment after July 1. 
In our future years, can we request to be in a suite? Absolutely. When room sign up happens in February you’ll have an opportunity to choose where you’d like to live and the kind of housing you’d like. That is when you could choose a suite, a single room or a double room or another kind of room.
In the residence halls, if substances (drugs/alcohol) are being used by others on the dorm floors, how would the RA’s handle that if there was a problem? If someone came to us and reported a problem on their floor, we’d check it out. We do not patrol the halls looking for alcohol and drug violations, though.
Are suites for third and fourth year students only? Or are second year students allowed? Recently we’ve allowed sophomore students to apply for the suites along with junior and seniors!
If you file to switch rooms due to roommate complications, typically how long is the waiting period before you are assigned a new room/roommate? How often in a semester do you find students switching rooms? It depends on the situation. If there is a safety concern involved, the move will happen immediately. In other situations, we first start by mediating the roommate concern. If the mediation does not work, then options to move will be discussed.
Will we get our roommate’s email address so we can talk to them before moving in? After July 1, you should be able to log into your myHousing account and see your room assignment, roommate, and contact information for them.
Is being an RA and working another job on campus doable while having time to study? Totally doable! I wouldn’t recommend balancing more than 10 hours of outside work with the RA position, but some students do it beautifully! You are the one who knows your limits!
Can I request a roommate that has been vaccinated? If, once you get your roommate’s information and you’ve connected with them, you find that you’re incompatible, you can email housing directly at
Can we bring loft beds, if they don’t attach to the walls? Delaney, all resident hall rooms are furnished. We do not have students bring beds. The lofting guidance in on the UMaine housing website:
Can one bring their own mini fridge or is rental required? You are not required to rent through UMaine. However, you will want to communicate with your roommate about who will be bringing what. Only one mini-fridge is allowed per room. If one of you is planning on wanting a microwave, you will need to rent a microchill which means that the other can not bring the mini fridge OR you will need to use the microwave in a central space.
Is there indoor storage for things like bikes available on campus? Our residence halls do have indoor bike storage, but please make sure you bring a bike lock with you! Security is important!
What are options for heating/cooking food in a microwave besides the microchills? Can both students in a room bring a fridge? Microwaves are not allowed on their own in individual resident rooms, however we do have a few common microwaves available for use in every hall! There is only one fridge allowed per room or one MicroChill per room. If you have a medical need, please contact Student Accessiblity Services and UMaine Dining to discuss.
I know that beds are provided but are we allowed to bring a loft that doesn’t hook to the wall? I know on the guidelines it said none that connect to the wall. There are two options for bed heights provided by UMaine Housing: Regular heights and mid-lofts. You can request those at your MyHousing account once you get your room assignment.
Will I meet my roommate on the MaineBound trip this July if I still don’t have a roommate yet? Maybe. If you haven’t selected a roommate you’ll be assigned one randomly. If you connect with someone (and they connect with you), you can request each other. You can email Otherwise, give that new roommate a chance! You never know who you’ll connect with!
Do we need to bring bed risers? You can request to have your bed mid-lofted to make some more room for storage under your bed!
If an out of state student cannot go home for the holidays/ summer, will they be required to leave the campus or will there be housing for them? We have specific residence halls that stay open during winter and spring break. If you are in need of break housing, please contact Housing Services! Summer housing is a separate application for students taking summer classes.
Are we allowed to have guests from outside UMaine spend the night in our dorms? This year, we are only permitting guests in the halls who are, themselves, residents of other buildings on campus. We will make an exception for Maine Hello so that your families can help you move in and set up.
What are the guest policies for dorms? Can guests stay over? Guests who are themselves residents of other buildings on campus can be in the residence halls. Residential guests can stay overnight in your room with your roommate’s permission for no more than 2 consecutive days.
Can we leave our belongings in our rooms over winter break? Sure can. We lock the halls down during winter break!

Questions for Financial Aid

Can you still be an RA if you have a scholarship? Like would I be able to keep my scholarship and still have free room and board? We would certainly hire you, but you’d want to check with financial aid to see if the scholarship you have would be affected.

Questions for Student Life/Student Services

How do we get involved in Greek Life, Student Government, etc.? One of the easiest ways to get involved is to attend the Student Organization Fair, which will take place on September 1! Clubs and organizations will have tables on the University Mall, which is located right in front of the library. Students will have an opportunity to connect with organizations and join those in which they’re interested. If students are interested in joining a sorority specifically, registration for Formal Recruitment (September 13-19) is available at this link:
Is there a club football and club basketball? We do not currently have football or men’s basketball as club sports. We have a women’s club basketball team.
What day can I finally drop my son off? Love it. We are accepting sons who are also our students on 8/27.
Can I mail a copy of my COVID vaccination card to UMaine’s shared processing center or does it have to be uploaded through the link? The vaccination card is uploaded through the link through your secure SSO PW and Username.
Are freshmen able to pledge for a fraternity or do they need to be an upperclassman? Yes, Freshmen are able to rush fraternities both in the Fall and Spring semesters. You can rush as an upperclassmen as well!
Is there a board game club? Dungeons and Dragons is one of our most popular clubs and the members will often incorporate similar games into their gatherings.
Do you know if Alfond Ice Arena will be open for public skating this year? I don’t know that a decision has been made on that, but we are doing everything we can to safely return to “normal” this fall. Fingers crossed.
I’m not athletic enough to get onto the official teams, however I still want to participate someway, are there smaller sort of teams or intramurals? Absolutely!
A student mentioned being an EMT. If we are interested in becoming an EMT, do we have to pay separately for the class? What is the time commitment? You can find out more at — they can give you a lot of great information about costs and when you can sign up.
What is the President’s dinner? It’s a special dinner just for those who are new to campus to celebrate your joining us as Black Bears. UMaine Dining goes all out to treat you and the president will be on site to help welcome you to campus! It’s one of our favorite traditions!
Is there a school radio club? We have our own campus station (WMEB) and the studio is located in the Memorial Union. Students can apply to be a DJ or host a show.
Do the club times ever overlap with class times? Sometimes, but not generally. 
How do we apply for a parking pass? You can apply for a parking permit after July 1st here:
Did she say “support all parties in a sexual assault issue”? We are obligated to provide equitable support to both the reporting and responding parties in a sexual assault case.
Where is the guide to campus living?
Is joining a sorority a big time commitment? As someone who is involved in Greek life, I would say that the time commitment is as much as you want it to be! Most chapters will usually meet once a week and throughout the semester will host a few/a couple of philanthropy events, but other than that, the time you devote to it is entirely up to you! I’m involved in the Honors College and work for Team Maine and as a research assistant and the time commitment is absolutely doable!
Are there any farming or agricultural clubs? You can find all of our active clubs here: If you do not see what you are looking for we are very open to students starting their own club!
How do you submit your COVID vaccinations? Submit Vaccination records at this secure campus portal:
Is there a link that has the university’s calendar(s) that can be imported to mobile device? I’m not sure about how importing, but here is the link to the UMaine calendar: You can search it and also export events!
How can we sign up for the parent and family newsletter? email
Is there a weight room on campus and is access free? Yes, these is an extensive weight area in the Student Rec Center. The fee for students to use the center is rolled into tuition already so they are able to use the facility at no additional cost besides what is on their student bill.
If I am an incoming transfer student who will be living in upperclassmen housing, will I be moving in the same date as upperclassmen? Yes, all new students, including transfers, are welcome to move-in 8/27.
When it comes to winter gear, what should we pack? I’m from a more southern state. One word: Layers. Warm layers are essential for staying warm as the weather starts to get cold. Consider a coat with a detachable inner shell, sweat wicking socks and warm sweat pants. The Bookstore can always help you if you need something right away and Bangor’s just a quick 10 minute ride! I’d also recommend a good hat, a good pair of gloves and a tough pair of boots or hiking boots. I’m from the south as well (Texas and Georgia), and I would definitely leave the big snow boots at home. I thought I would need them, but as long as you stay on the sidewalks, you only really need winter ankle boots (like LL Bean Boots). I would bring warmer clothes like sweaters and stuff, but the heating at UMaine is top-notch. Many students wear coats and scarves, but also t-shirts underneath for when you get to class. If you are going hiking, however, definitely bring layers and good hiking boots. There are a ton of resources online on how to camp in colder weather!
I know college is clearly different from high school, so is there any penalty for being late to class? I have a few classes that are back to back (10 minutes in between) and I’m worried about making it to them on time because they aren’t close to each other. Every professor is different on their policies, which this information will be in the class syllabus. I recommend connecting with the professor if you are concerned about being consistently late.
Do vaccinated students have to wear masks? Currently, prior to July, all students and staff vaccinated or not vaccinated need to wear a mask inside buildings only on campus. No mask outside. We are expecting an update on this guidance in July, stay tune.
Do we have to move in at certain hour, is there assigned time or is it anytime between 8 and 4? We are still working out the times but we will be sending out more information along with your timeframe soon!
Is Maine Hello only for residential students (and if so, is there an event where first year non-residential students can explore the campus?) Yes! We are working on the date and schedule for commuting students which will happen during the last week of August! More info to come. A big event to check out will be Union Fest, where you can learn about all the services offered in the Union! That will happen during the Friday of the First week of Class
Will there be enough parking for everyone arriving to campus during the move in day? Our Maine Hello is EXTREMELY well coordinated by our staff to ensure the best move-in experience possible! We will have more information coming out soon about specific times of arrivals for students to help minimize traffic.
Are there any places open 24/7? A few! For example, the Honors College has 24/7 study rooms built into several of the residence halls.
What games are played in the Esport’s club? Here is the link where you can find more information about the club specifically and the contact information for the leaders of the club!
Does UMaine have Majorettes/Twirlers? Yes, they are apart of our Marching Band. You can find more information here:
Is there a bank on campus? and if so what bank? There are a couple right on and near campus. University Credit Union is right on campus on Rangeley Road. Bangor Savings Bank is just off campus. Maine Savings Federal Credit Union is at the intersection of College Ave and Stillwater Ave. in Old Town. There’s also a bunch of banks in Bangor. A lot of options!
Are freshman allowed to have cars on campus? Yes, they can. Parking permits are required and can be purchased. They are $50 per year.
Is there a Gender Sexuality Alliance club/ Gay Straight Alliance club? Yes, we have Wilde Stein Alliance for Sexual Diversity
Is there a field hockey sports group? Yes, we do have a field hockey club!
Are there tennis courts on campus? Yes there are, and they’re beautiful!
Is there a tennis club or like a tennis team? Yes, we do have tennis as a club sport!
How would one go about trying out for the official sports team, not just the club? Is there like an in person try out day or something? You would need to contact the coach of the team you would like to try out for and see if they are offering a tryout. All coaches contact information can be found at
What will the mask requirement situation be in the fall? You may be able to find the specific information you’re looking for at this website:
Is there a link that shows all the clubs?
Are there any nordic ski trails close to campus? and how active is the nordic club? There is a vey extensive trail system located on campus. Here you can see what club we have and if its not listed you can start one!
Is there a shop around somewhere for scuba diving where we could rent and restock on certain things we might need? Follow up, is there a club or local group that goes diving often? We offer a diving class through out Darling Marine Center, so they would be a great resource to connect with other divers. There is a local dive shop in Bangor as well.
I think I got an email about TRIO services, what is it? TRIO SSS is a federally funded program within College Success Programs that works with University of Maine students who are first-generation, income-eligible, or have a disability. TRIO SSS provides personalized support, advising, and mentoring throughout your college career at UMaine. If you are interested in Student Support Services, please contact them at 207.581.2320, or complete their online interest form and a TRIO Student Support Services staff member will follow up with you.
I heard there was a dungeons and dragons club, is that true? Yes, Dungeons and Dragons is one of our largest clubs on campus!
When new students/transfers move in on August 27, is there anything planned for that night? YES! There are activities all week long, starting on the 27th. Stay tuned for our Week of Welcome schedule! you can learn more at
Will masks no longer be required after the state of emergency is expired? The university is monitoring state and federal guidelines related to masks. We are anticipating updated mask guidance in July. This will be posted on our UMS safe return website. Stay tune.
Do you have a Trap shooting team? If so who can I contact to get more information about that? We have a trap and Skeet Club and you can find more information and here:
Does UMaine supply masks? We have disposable masks available in the residence halls and all around campus, but if the mask mandate is still in effect on campus in the fall, you should plan to come with your own reusable masks to wear!
Is move in day a whole week or a specific day? Move in for residential students begins on 8/27 and lasts through classes beginning on the following Monday. We schedule first year students to arrive on the 27th, but will be able to check students in anytime they arrive during the weekend.
When’s the first day of school? First day of classes is Monday, August 30
What is the name of the black bear safety app on IOS? Black Bear Safe
Will there be an implementation of any systems to see if people are vaccinated for COVID and if so, will that allow more liberties in that area for vaccinated students? There is a way students can provide documentation of their COVID-19 vaccination and therefore be exempt from COVID-19 testing on campus and that information can be found using this link: People who have been vaccinated can self report this through a secure campus portal at This will allow them to opt-out of weekly testing. People who are not vaccinated will be required to participate in weekly testing (results usually within 24-hours). Information has been emailed to students about all of these things. For up-to-date information, please make sure you check often to ensure you stay current.
What do you recommend students from out of state do/bring for move in day. As an out-of-state student myself, this list ( ) really helped me figure out what I should/should not be bringing to school with me! I’ve found that some of my favorite and most useful items I’ve brought were: a mattress topper, an electric tea kettle to heat up water, a small fan, and some personal decorations just to make it feel more cozy/home-y!

Questions for Student Accessibility Services

What kind of accommodations have been made for students with anxiety? Each student is considered to have individual needs and different accommodations that work for them, so their plan is customized based on a meeting with a member of the Student Accessibility Services staff.
Can the meeting be via zoom? The accessibility services staff will work to accommodate the best needs of the student so alternative meeting methods can be considered.
What’s an accessible residence house? As in, how would you know if you need one? If you have questions about whether or not you need accommodations for the residence halls, you can work directly with student accessibility services. An accessible residence hall room generally has an accessible bathroom with a roll in shower and grab bar, and a lower closet bar for example. Accessible rooms for deaf students have bed shakers in addition to an audible alarm. Please give Student Accessibility services a call at 207.581.2319 or email us at We would be happy to talk more!
I asked the disability question because my boyfriend has a rare muscle disorder that causes him to not be able to walk sometimes but he was wondering if we could live together his first year since I’ll be a sophomore next year. Generally, the person with the disability needs to be the person to request an accommodation. We generally do not have first year students room with returning sophomores and upperclass students. Please give us a call at 207.581.2319 and we can talk more specifically. Please encourage him to call as well.
If you have a disability that causes you to need help do you need to stay on campus for the first year? You can request a waiver from the requirement to live on campus because of a disability using the housing accommodation process. You’ll need to get documentation from a doctor or other clinician and talk to one of our staff. You can learn more on our website or give us a call at 207-581-2319 or email us at

Questions about Academics

Is study abroad possible for an honors student in the college of engineering? Or will it be too much to balance while graduating in four years? Where would I get more information about this? Study Abroad is available to students in all majors including Engineering and Honors. Your academic program will work with you to ensure this is a part of your plan. You can reach out to honors at to see how they can work with the program and Engineering at I’m a double major, in the Honors program, and studied abroad for a full year. It is definitely possible, but it requires some preparation and dedication on your part. There are some study-abroad programs that are encouraged for Engineers due to easy credit transfer, and if you’re interested, I would totally recommend reaching out to a study abroad advisor once you get to campus! I came in my freshman year knowing that I wanted to study abroad, so my advisors knew from the very beginning and were able to help me plan. Bringing in credits from high school also really helps to lessen course loads.
How does study abroad impact being in the honors program? Do you have to take extra classes to make sure not to fall behind? It will be important to work with your advisor to map out an academic plan in anticipation of studying abroad. It is possible to be an Honors student and study abroad, and still move forward on schedule academically! Studying abroad is actually encouraged by the honors program; the third-year experience in the Honors program is frequently a study abroad or an internship! In terms of falling behind, I found that the easiest way to prevent it is to have a spreadsheet or Google doc that keeps track of your course requirements!
where can I get the consent form. You can get the information release form here:

Questions for Admissions

How can I update my phone number? If you’d like to update your phone number in Mainestreet email or call us at 207.581.1561 and we can help you with that!
When will orientation group things begin happening If you have signed up to take part in the specific Orientation leader groups? You will be getting more information on that in the next couple of days via your email account!
Are we having orientation for outside of state kids? All Orientation session are for all students in state and out of state. If you referring to our staff stating “resident students” this references those students living in on campus resident halls.

Question about Student Records/Immunizations

It says that I still need to submit some immunization records on my to-do list. Where do I send my immunization records? For more information on submitted your immunizations see our website: