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Questions for Housing

When is move in day? First year students move in August 27th
Where do I submit a roommate request? Both you and the person you would like to room with need to request each other. You can send an email to
If my roommate and I end up not being able to dorm together, what is the process for switching roommates? If you have any questions regarding your rooming situation there is a large team of people in Housing and Res Life who are here to help. Right there on your floor are Resident Assistants who can guide you through these processes. Communicate with your Resident Assistant and Community Coordinator if you having issues with your roommate. If you can’t come to a resolution, you can work with Res Life and Housing to get a reassignment.
When is the absolute earliest I can move in? Contact Student Life at
When can students move into dorms? Fall Welcome Weekend and Move In are on August 27th. If you chose to do an RLE or Black Bear Bound Trip, you may be able to move in early! 
Will every student at UMaine be moving in at the same time? Move in for First Year students in Aug 27. Second-Fourth year students move in at a later date. In addition, there are a lot of camps, pre-season, trips and more that will have different move in dates. Wednesday’s session will help answer that!
If I participate in the Hurricane Island Trip, am I expected to move into my dorm in half an hour, the 8-8:30 window mentioned on the info page? The course begins on Hurricane Island Wednesday, August 25, 2021, which is prior to UMaine’s official dorm move in. Because of this gap, special provisions have been made to accommodate Hurricane Island students. They will instead move into their dorm residence the morning of August 25, 2021 at 8:00am, and the bus to Hurricane Island will depart from the UMaine campus at 8:30am. Students return to UMaine Friday, August 27, 2021 by 4:00pm.
When you move in early for the RLE class, do you get the same room that you’ll be staying at with your roommate, even if they themselves aren’t doing an RLE course? Yes, you’ll move into the room you’ll be in for the semester
Do I still have time to get a room or do I just get one assigned randomly? Be sure to fill out the housing application as soon as possible. Housing assignments will be announced in early July. Wednesday’s session would be very helpful for this as well. We can not guarantee housing. Roommates will be assigned randomly unless you and your roommate mutually request each other by emailing
If both my prospective roommate and I already selected each other as such on MyCollegeRoomie, is that set? As long as you both requested each other then yes you should be all set!
When do we find out who are roommates are and dorm? Room assignments will be posted starting July 1 via MyHousing (
This may be an oddly specific question, but do the dorm rooms have wired internet available? All residence halls have WiFi. You can get more specific information about Internet at
Is it too late to try and find a roommate? Not at all! Many students are on our Class of 2025 Facebook Page!
When is the last day to request rooming accommodations? We encourage you to fill out your housing application as soon as possible! There is no deadline, but it’s first-come-first serve. Go to
If a student is on the track team will they be roomed with another teammate or with a student they may have met in the fb group? If students have found a roommate, both should email housing to request each other!
If we choose to mid-rise the bed, how tall would that be? UMaine’s housing website has the specific height of the mid-rise bed at
If I bring a fridge, can my roommate bring a microwave for the dorm? No. One mini-fridge or one MicroChill (fridge/microwave combo) is allowed per room. You can split the cost of the microchill:

Questions about Academics

Has the school year calendar come out? Yes! You can find it here:
When do we start at UMaine classes start? Monday, August 30th
What’s the last day of the fall semester? Final Exams end on Friday, 17 December.
Where can we see our schedule? If you have a schedule already you can find it on MaineStreet and in the Navigate app.
I’m double majoring in Poly Sci and History but some of the courses I have in my schedule have nothing to do with my majors, for example Food And Nutrition and English 101, are these required or can I switch them or should I take them? These are likely General Education Requirements. Contact your Academic Department for questions about switching them.
How difficult is it to switch majors? Will all freshmen take some basic classes, or is it dependent upon the specific major? It is very easy to switch majors, add a second major, minors and more. Every major will be different.
How do you request to be able to minor in a certain subject? You will do this with your advisor once you get here in the Fall!
My civilizations course doesn’t have a listed instructor or location, but my friend’s does. what should I do about this? This will likely change soon and an instructor will be added!
So UMaine is one of the best schools for Electrical Engineering and I am currently undecided on my major, can I take introductory classes to explore this area before I decide? You certainly can! You’ll want to contact your advisor about your interests. Did you fill out the course preference form for undecided/explorations:
When do I find out if I was accepted for the Hurricane Island trip? You will be contacted by the staff at the Honors College. They are currently processing applications so you should hear soon!
I’m in the Honors Program, my class schedule on navigate doesn’t have any general education courses and I heard when your in the Honors program you don’t have to take general education courses, is that true? This is true! The first 2 years of the Civilizations Sequence covers your humanity general education classes.
Is Study Aboard still going on or no? If so, how can I sign up? We are hopeful! We offer a study abroad fair in the fall to learn more about these opportunities!

Question about Math Placement Exam/IT

What can I do if I lost my password for my MaineStreet? UMaine’s IT website has additional information to help you retrieve your lost password. Visit
My son hasn’t finished math studying to be able to retake the math placement test. is there a deadline? No, we just recommend as soon as possible for course selection purposes.
How can I take the math placement test? Visit this link:
How many times can we retake the Math Placement Test? You can take the Math Placement Test 3 times.
I have completed the math placement exam, however I was unsure if I was able to select a math course, how would I be able to select one if I still have too? Please reach out to your advisor for assistance.
If you do not like your score after your 3rd math assessment what happens? If you score between a 30-60 on your math placement, you will need to start at MAT 111 – Algebra for College Math. A score of 61-75 will place you in either MAT 11; pre-calculus or MAT 116 Intro to calculus.
When does the math placement exam need to be completed? There is not technically a deadline, but you may need to complete it before you are registered for classes, if you need to take a math class.
If I retake my MPE soon and place into a higher math class after registering for classes, will it be easy to switch? Yes, you can work with your advisor throughout the summer and once you get here!
If I got put into a math class based off of my first score on the placement test but I reach a different level on the second attempt, will the class be changed? Yes, we can certainly update that with a new score!
I have a complete schedule, and have talked to someone about not taking the Math Placement Exam, but it hasn’t been removed from Mainestreet, is that going to be a problem or is it no big deal? This should not be a problem. 

Questions for Admissions/Campus Tours

During the campus tour this summer will we be able to see inside buildings and dorms? Yes, we will be heading into buildings like the rec center, residence halls, Memorial Union, Library and more!
Are campus tours open to out of state students? Yes! We can’t wait to welcome you to our beautiful campus. Please go to
Are there any COVID restriction for the campus tour like test or vaccination? Information about our policy for campus tours can be found here:
Are there any in-person campus tours available? You can register for on-campus tours here:
Do we make an appointment with Student Accessibility Services for learning accommodations or go through our advisor? You can absolutely make an appointment to talk one of our professional staff members in SAS. To schedule an appointment you can email or call us at 207. 581.2319.
Are the in-person campus tours for going over your classes and where they are? Or is that something different? Through the Navigate App, which we’ll hear about soon you can help navigate campus! However, tours can certainly help you locate buildings!
Can we bring a guest with us to the campus tours, or do we have to attend by ourselves? You can absolutely bring a guest! 
A fall orientation was mentioned. Is there a date for that and is it required to attend? This is the orientation for the fall semester. 
Can we switch majors before the year starts? Yes, admissions can review you for a different major. Please email
Are there information sessions for student veterans? Please reach out to Karyn Soltis-Habeck and she can assist:
Do these orientations take place of any in person orientations? Yes, we will not have an in person orientation this year.
Could you link the Class of 2025 FB page? Class Facebook Page:
Do you think that the Admission office will be open to walk-ins by the start of the fall semester? We don’t have a definitive timeline to have walk-ins guaranteed however we do our best to provide tours to everyone that wants to see campus. We prefer guests register before hand for sure to ensure student tour guide staffing is present.
Are there any good/recommended hotels in the area for parents? Black Bear Inn and University Inn in Orono are wonderful, but all local hotels in Bangor and Milford are great!
My daughter was wondering about transferring into the nursing program; how can you transfer? This is a discussion that we strongly advise occurs with the nursing program directly.

Questions for Bursars Office

When do we have to start paying the tuition and how? Fall 2021 tuition bills will begin to be available in mid-July. At that time you will receive an electronic communication to view your bill online. You can begin making payments, or enrolling in payment plans at that time. Fall bills are due August 15, 2021.
How do we pay our tuition? Fall bills will be available beginning in mid-July. Any offered financial aid will help to go to your fall tuition bill, in addition we offer payment plans. You can also make out-of-pocket payments online or by calling the Financial Aid and Bursar’s Office!
What department could I contact to make sure my health insurance will be accepted here at UMaine? This is the link to the Bursar’s Office detailing insurance for the Fall 2021.
Where and when do we need to pay for housing for the Summer Break Week? The housing and program charges will be connected to your Fall 2021 bill. Those become available beginning in mid-July. Students will receive an email that their bill is ready to view online. Out-of-pocket payments can be made online, over the phone, or mailed in. Fall bills are due August 15, 2021.
I am on my parents health insurance, when and how do I tell the school so I don’t get charged for it on my bill? This year you will not have to tell us that you have insurance – this charge will not longer be automatically applied to your bill.
If we’ve already taken some 100 and 200 level courses, can we help tutor? You must have at least one college semester under your belt in order to tutor.

Questions for Student Records/Immunizations

Can you shared the UMaine vaccination requirements for this coming year? Here is our most-to-date Immunization requirements:
What is your policy considering vaccinated individuals? How will COVID be addressed this year? Please check out our COVID – 19 Updates webpage:
Where and how can I turn in my immunization records? You can submit your immunization records to our Student Records Office. This link has additional information on the multiple ways to submit that information:
How do I send in my credits from the DE courses I took in high school? Please request your college transcript be sent to UMaine for transfer evaluation:
Application Processing Center
PO Box 412
Bangor, ME 04402
I have sent my transcripts, which included 2 early college math courses, but I’m still enrolled in intro to math. I have not taken my placement test because I wanted to see if my transcripts changed anything? You will want to call Office of Student Records for your transfer Credit Review! Admissions can help, send us an email at
How will our AP Test scores impact our schedule, is that done 1on1 with an advisor? Please ensure that the AP scores are sent directly from collegeboard as soon as you can. They certainly can impact the schedule. I will say if a student has a current schedule please know- we normally don’t get these AP scores until some time in the summer to changes occurring in July or August are absolutely normal as AP courses come in.
I haven’t sent my immunization records yet but there is a schedule. Is this just a filler because I haven’t chosen any classes yet? It is preferred that immunizations are sent in before moving in to the residence halls.

Questions for Student Life

For those who are COVID vaccinated do we upload those and where? You can voluntarily upload your vaccination card here:
Where can we find out what the mask requirements will be on campus in the fall? We currently require masks in buildings. If this policy changes, we will let you know!
So how will the mitigation of COVID be ensured at the University of Maine? Please check out our COVID-19 Updates page:
Are all of the classes going to be in person or are some going to be online? The fall semester will be as traditional as possible, but there are online options available for some courses. Be sure to discuss this with your advisor.
Are we required to have a COVID vaccine to attend school, and is campus going to require masks? At this time, the COVID Vaccination is not required. More information on mask policy, testing and more will be made available as we learn more.
What is the school’s mask policy for this coming year? Currently in buildings, masks are required with the exception of your room. We will update you if this policy changes.
Are we required to get the COVID shot in order to live on campus? At this time, the COVID-19 Vaccine is not required. Should this change, we will notify you immediately. It is strongly recommended.
What is your mask policy? You can learn more here:
Where can I locate the clubs, contacts? List of Active Clubs:
I am interested in the men’s soccer club for the fall as well as the apline skiing club for the winter. Where should I go to get more information? You can check out the website for UMaine Student Organizations The email is and we’ll have a student organization fair this fall when students come to campus.
Does the College still have the skeet – trap shooting team? At last check, yes we do!
What are the bookstore hours for the summer? Bookstore Hours: Mon.-Fri.: 8:00am – 4:30pm
When and where should we get our parking permits, student ids, and books? Our Student Services section of the Summer Orientation website gives information on all of those items: Parking:; MaineCard:; University Bookstore/Tech Center:; Dining:
Hw public transportation friendly is UMaine? We are quite public transportation friendly and all students are able to use the Bear Bear Orono Express and Community Connector free by presenting your MaineCard (student ID).

Questions for Financial Aid

Who do we inform in the instance of receiving independent scholarships? You will want to notify the Office of Student Financial Aid with any private/outside scholarships you may be receiving. There are two ways to do this – first you can report the scholarship to us via your MaineStreet Student Center. When you View Your Financial Aid Award, you will see a link to Report Outside Aid, you will be able to input that information there. The second way, which we recommend, is to send us copies of the scholarship letters that you received, to make sure we have the most accurate information possible on the scholarship. You can upload images of the scholarship letters directly to us using our Secure Document Upload at
If I have not finished the final steps of FAFSA of obtaining proof of tax transcripts will that put a hold on making my class schedule? No the verification process(proof of tax transcripts) will not prevent you from registering for your classes.
Can you please tell me who I can speak to about any “road blocks” to not seeing schedule etc. My son is in NROTC program and I know things are a bit different on the financial side…just looking for a contact there. The link for Student Accessibility Services is and our contact information is
FAX 207.581.9420
Phone 207.581.2319
Can we apply for work study jobs before we get to campus and classes start? We encourage you to begin your work-study job search and application process before you get to campus. Our Office of Student Employment has great resources to help you find available positions, including our online job search CareerLink. Visit for more information on these resources!
How do I sign up for work study? Students will see Federal Work-Study listed on their financial aid award if they qualify. Please note, even if you are not eligible for Federal Work-Study, there are still a LOT of opportunities to find part-time employment on campus. Our Office of Student Employment has a lot of great resources (including an online job search called CareerLink) at

Questions about RLE’s

Is there a RLE for social sciences? I didn’t think I saw one. I would say there are ones connected to social science, through marketing and the arts. I would recommend checking those out!
What is an RLE?  Research Learning Experiences! Please visit
What is the “bridge week”? Hello! The Research Learning Experience courses have a one-week in-person experience right before the semester starts. You can find more information here:
Is the RLE a big time commitment throughout the first semester? Is it a once a week class after the first “bridge” week? RLEs do meet 1x a week after the bridge week, yes. It’s a 1 credit course, meant to enhance your UMaine experience, not consume your schedule!
Does the RLE extend into the fall semester? Yes! your RLE will meet once a week throughout the semester.
Is there an RLE for Robotics? Not specifically robotics, but a few are certainly related!
Is the RLE a requirement? Even for transfer students who are not first year? Not a requirement! Completely optional but of course encouraged 🙂
If classes have already been selected for the fall, would you still recommend looking into RLE classes? How would one go about making that change? Absolutely! An RLE can be added to your current schedule. We work with the staff member that sets up your schedule to add the RLE so we’ll work with each individual circumstance. Please fill out the interest form on our website:
How do I get into a RLE course? Head to and fill out our interest form!
is an RLE course the same as a NOVA trip? No, RLEs are a different program.
Is the Schoodic Experience a RLE? That experience is separate from the RLEs
Would I still be able to participate in an RLE if I applied to join the honors Hurricane Island trip? The Hurricane Island trip is actually an RLE so you’re already participating!
So is there an RLE for Dancing? “You can find the various options here:
For RLE will we be sent an email on which one we were accepted into and what are the next steps? Yes you will receive confirmation from me (

Questions about Navigate

Do we have to complete everything in navigate before the school year? Each of the “to-do” items has its own deadline so you can click in and see when it should be done!
What’s the app called again and where do I find it? That app is called Navigate! You can find more information at
Where do I go to find this “Navigate” app that has been mentioned a few times?
Can parents download the app as well, so they are updated? The Navigate app is only for students.
I’ve taken other classes through UMaine Early College so I have previous terms I’ve taken classes in. When filling out my intake survey for the Navigate app, do I mark “yes” or “no” when it asks if it’s my first term at University of Maine? I would choose “yes” so that you see all of the info for new students.
Where can I find the map on Navigate? I am confused on how the app can help us find our classes. Hello, there is not a map in the app, but if you click on a resource or a class you can get GPS walking instructions.
Does navigate encompass all things I have to do? It will include reminders for things that all/most students do, but it will not necessarily include to-dos for anything specific to your major or department.

Questions about Student Accessibility Services

Where do you sign up for accommodations? Students who need to sign up for accommodations can contact Student Accessibility Services at or call us at 207.581.2319 to schedule an appointment. You can learn more about us on our website
As a student with type 1 diabetes, I am wondering about how roommates are chosen given that I have a pump and cam that beep when I am low. Living with someone with T1D is not easy. How are roommates chosen, and will T1D be taken into consideration? Generally housing and residence life wouldn’t base your roommate selection on having diabetes. We have a number of students with diabetes on campus with roommates. I encourage you to check out the UMaine Type One-derful Diabetes club to connect with other students with diabetes. If you want to talk about possible housing accommodations you can look at our website or email us at
Is it too late to try to get single rooms because of a physical disability? It’s not too late but please contact us as soon as possible the single rooms are going fast. Here’s a link to the forms and information about requesting a single room because of a disability You can also call us at 207.581.2319 or email us at to learn more.

Questions about Student Support Services

Does TRIO provide scholarship for its students? TRIO offers scholarship coaching to help you find scholarships!
If you were in TRIO through high school, do I have to reapply for college? Yes you do!
What if I qualified for TRIO’s Upward Bound in high school, which means I was first gen, but then one of my parents graduated. Am I no longer eligible for this program now? Please contact the TRIO staff so they can provide the most accurate answer:
Can we connect with tutors at any time during the semesters? Not at any time. You sign up for tutoring and sessions are scheduled based on your availability.
If we are transfer students and already have completed courses can we apply to tutor them or must they be UMaine courses that we already completed? We accept previously taken courses on a case by case basis. Please do apply! As long as you’ve been here at UMaine for least 1 semester