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Chemistry, the central science, is an integral part of modern life and forms the basis for advances in nearly all areas of science and technology. Students and faculty in Chemistry at the University of Maine work together to answer questions related to major societal issues: energy, the environment, modern materials, and health and medicine.

  • Opportunities for research
  • State-of-the-art laboratories
  • Close interaction with faculty
  • Great preparation for pre-med or pre-pharmacy
  • Undergraduate research provides majors with a close working relationship with one or more faculty members and their research groups
  • Opportunities to present research at scientific conferences

The chemistry curriculum, certified by the American Chemical Society, is designed to provide a strong foundation in organic, inorganic, physical, analytical and biological chemistry. Students build on this foundation with in-depth coursework in two or more of these areas. Hands-on work in the lab is an important aspect of a student’s training to be a future chemist. In the laboratory, students learn techniques that will serve them well as they develop their ability to ask good scientific questions and explore possible solutions.

All chemistry majors at the University of Maine conduct independent research with a faculty member and most choose to write a thesis about their project. UMaine is the only university in the state that offers graduate programs in chemistry. The presence of graduate students offers a unique and valuable experience for our undergraduate chemistry majors who work closely with the graduate students and faculty in research labs. Many of our majors have been co-authors on scientific presentations and publications.

The Department of Chemistry offers a number of scholarships to majors in chemistry, which are awarded on the basis of merit and academic standing (senior, junior, etc.). Students who are interested in a chemistry teaching career may apply for the ACS-Hach Scholarship.

The Department of Chemistry offers programs of study leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Chemistry in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Because knowledge of chemistry is fundamental to success in so many fields, the chemistry curriculum offers an unusual opportunity for a wide choice of electives so that the chemistry major may adapt their program to individual interests or needs. Such individualized programs include preparation for medical school or other health professions, technical writing, industrial management, or computer applications. More information regarding individual program planning is available from the chair of the Department.

The Department is committed to providing its students with instruction in the most modern practice of chemistry through ongoing curriculum development. The Department provides preparation for careers in the chemical industry and high school teaching, for medical, pharmacy and other professional schools, and for graduate work in chemistry.

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