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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Explorations is a nationally recognized program for students who are completely undecided upon a major, who are torn between very different areas, or who have been referred to the program by Admissions. Through a combination of academic advising, a special first-year seminar, and structured activities, students identify their academic strengths and career interests. On completion, students are able to make an educated and thoughtful choice about what area of study is right for them.

Over 4,500 students have begun their UMaine careers in the Explorations Program since it was first created in 1989. Designed as a one or two semester program students work closely with their academic adviser to learn about academic programs at UMaine, what types of classes they learn best in and campus resources available like the Career Center and Writing lab.

Students should not worry about being undecided. Many students enter college without a specific major in mind. Explorations is designed to meet the needs of any undecided student. Whether a student has not decided on a major, or did not get into their first choice major. Explorations provides and opportunity to work toward a goal and establishes a foundation for success.

Explorations students select from the same college courses taken by other undergraduate students at the university. Most courses will fulfill general education requirements for any UMaine degree. General education courses, paired with other courses chosen with guidance from an adviser, allow Explorations students to explore their interests and help them select a major that matches their talents and goals.

Prior to the start of the academic year, students develop a professional relationship with their adviser through email and phone conversations to compile a class schedule that fits their specific needs. This class schedule will include a First Year Seminar, taught by their academic adviser, that meets once a week. This seminar, in addition to any other courses taken while in the Explorations program, are meant to fulfill degree requirements once a major is chosen.

Explorations also is open to students in the Honors College.

Pre-engineering is a specialized, two-semester program within Explorations, designed for students who are interested in an engineering major and have not been admitted to the College of Engineering. Students in this program will tailor their schedules to fit their interest in an engineering major. Academic advisers work closely with their students to assure they are achieving the grades necessary to be admitted into the College of Engineering. For more information about engineering requirements, contact the College of Engineering at engineering.umaine.edu.


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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CLAS Advising and Student Services Center 

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) Advising and Student Services Center is a centralized advising office providing support and guidance to students. Advisers use a holistic advising approach when meeting with students. Advisers are trained to work with students in identifying both academic successes and challenges. Connections with students begin at UMaine Orientation and continue until graduation.