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The language department prepares students to communicate with and understand people from different cultures both abroad and at home. Students broaden their cultural and intellectual horizons by developing bilingual or multilingual critical thinking skills as they prepare for careers in commerce, education, government, engineering, science, art, law or service industries.

  • Small classes
  • Variety of language and content courses
  • Close interaction with faculty
  • Degree programs at undergraduate and graduate level
  • Study abroad programs
  • Speaking more than one language is a great resume builder
  • Opportunity to build relationships with people around the world

Through the Department of Modern Languages and Classics, students seeking to study French can pursue a bachelor of arts degree in the language or a degree in romance languages (French and Spanish). Students also have the opportunity to pursue minors in French, Spanish, professional languages and classical studies, as well as earn a certificate of proficiency in French and/or Spanish. The department works closely with the Canadian Studies program, Honors College and College of Education and Human Development. Travel study courses are a key part of the French program, and many direct exchange and other study abroad programs are open to students in destinations around the world, including France, Spain, Canada, Japan, Morocco, Jordan and China.

In teaching the modern languages, faculty use a variety of methods and approaches at all levels to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing. At the advanced level, students take content courses in literature, culture and linguistics, as well as language. Our programs have as their primary goals the development of communicative competence, cultural understanding and critical thinking skills, as well as an appreciation for diversity of perspectives and ideas.

The U.S. is also one of the premiere tourist destinations for travelers from around the world. Finally, growing expansion of U.S. businesses abroad and foreign investments within the U.S. spell job opportunities for those who can communicate in more than one language. Even if you never leave the U.S., with the exponential growth of E-commerce worldwide you will undoubtedly encounter languages other than English in your professional life.

All languages are useful in today’s global economy. U.S. businesses are expanding around the globe, and scientists increasingly work on multi-national projects. The choice of language(s) is yours, and is determined by your interests. Once you are competent in a second language, it is much easier to learn a third or fourth, so you can always add another language.

Carlos Villacorta

Department Chair, Associate Professor of Spanish

Williams Hall, Room 201
| carlos.villacorta@maine.edu


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Williams Hall, Room 201

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Study abroad

The Department of French offers several study abroad programs, including the Canada Year Program, a May Session in Quebec, and an immersion program in Western France.