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Mechanical Engineering

Maine College of Engineering and Computing

If you like solving puzzles or problems and hands-on learning, a career in mechanical engineering technology might be right for you. Mechanical engineering technology classes combine applied engineering with extensive laboratory experience. The MET program is a broad field which prepares students to work with industry designing and developing new and innovative products.

  • Undergraduates have the opportunity to do research alongside faculty
  • Internships with leading companies including Pratt & Whitney and Woodard & Curran
  • Excellent placement rates in top graduate programs
  • UMaine’s Foster Center for Student Innovation offers courses in innovation engineering
  • Several scholarships are available, including a $5,000 renewable Dearborn Foundation, Manufacturer’s Association of Maine, and ASHRAE scholarships (applications on campus). In addition, students have a high success rate in applying for numerous national and state scholarships.
  • UMaine’s College of Engineering offers a five-year B.S.–M.B.A. degree with the Maine Business School, as well as a minor in engineering leadership and management.

Mechanical engineering technology focuses on a broad range of engineering activities, including the development, design, testing and manufacturing of products; design, operation and maintenance of processes; and technical sales and marketing. These technical skills are used to meet the changing needs of society in fields that include transportation, power generation, energy conversion, climate control, machine design, and manufacturing and automation.

At UMaine, you will learn how to address some of the most pressing issues of our time, including clean energy, environmental sustainability, efficient transportation and cutting-edge health care technology.

The curriculum and hands-on research opportunities at UMaine give students an advantage in the job market and a strong foundation to pursue a competitive graduate program.

Undergraduates are able to gain hands-on experience in our biomedical engineering lab, advanced robotics and robotics surgery lab, and inflatable space structures/lunar habitat lab.

One of the strengths of the Mechanical Engineering Department is the senior design capstone, a yearlong class in which students gain hands- on experience. Seniors can choose from a variety of design projects, which have included land drones, rescue rovers, remote- controlled aircraft, human powered vehicles, aquaculture data buoys, and hydrofoiling sailboat.

When you become a UMaine mechanical engineering student, you become part of a strong, well-connected network. Our alumni are leaders in energy, public utilities, manufacturing, aerospace technology and transportation, but they also make a mark in business and entrepreneurship.

UMaine School of Engineering Technology has a nearly 100 percent job placement rate within six months of graduation. Mechanical engineering students are in demand. With an average starting salary of more than $60,000, UMaine’s mechanical engineering students are among the highest-paid graduates in four-year degree programs.

Mechanical engineering technology graduates work in a variety of fields, including product development, design, testing, manufacturing, operation and maintenance, marketing, sales and administration. Graduates make our society “greener” and energy efficient, keep our families and workers safe and healthy, bring products from athletic shoes to robots to market, and build the latest Navy ships and assembly lines.

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Mechanical Engineering

Maine College of Engineering and Computing

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