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University Studies

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Work. Travel. Family. Life is busy. Don’t let that stop you from completing your degree. The Bachelor of University Studies makes the most of your existing college credit to help you earn your degree faster and more cost-effectively. The program is designed to be flexible and easily integrated into your life by offering part-time study both on campus and 100% online.

  • Education from expert faculty.
  • Engaged learning environment.
  • Excellent preparation employment.
  • Dedicated student support services.
  • Flexibility of attending class online.
  • Competitive tuition rates.
  • Advisors to guide you from application to graduation.

The B.U.S. program allows students to develop a program of study that encompasses their interests and makes maximum use of their existing transfer credits. The program is available both on-campus and 100% online.

  • Students must complete a minimum of 120 credits
  • A minimum of 30 credits must be completed at UMaine with at least 15 credits at the 300/400 level
  • A GPA of a “C” (2.0) or better is required for graduation

The Bachelor of University Studies (B.U.S.) is UMaine’s degree completion program for busy adults. Many adults who have some higher-education experience but no bachelor’s degree find that life circumstances or interests make a traditional major and/or on-campus study difficult. Often family, job, and other responsibilities do not allow for full-time study. For these students, the B.U.S. program provides an excellent opportunity to develop a program of study that encompasses their interests and makes maximum use of existing transfer credits. This program is not only available on-campus, but also online. Students may create a part-time or full-time course schedule depending on their needs.

The B.U.S. curriculum can be totally self-designed, or students may select one of three existing tracks (24 credit hours). The B.U.S. program offers the following track options:

  • Labor Studies Track
  • Leadership Studies Track
  • Maine Studies Track

With its multiple track options, the B.U.S. program provides an opportunity both for students who would benefit from an individually-designed multidisciplinary program of study, as well as for students who would prefer a more prescribed curriculum.

What can I do with a university studies degree?

The B.U.S. program prepares students for a number of opportunities and is intended to complement a student’s interests and career goals. With the self-designed option, students are encouraged to develop their program around predetermined interests. Some students choose to complete independent studies (when appropriate) to further their knowledge in specific areas.

The Bachelor of University Studies offers career development and exploration through UST 100: Introduction to the Bachelor of University Studies. UST 100 is one of the first classes in which new students enroll. Not only do students complete a career aptitude survey, but they also use UMaine’s Mentor Program, which is a group of UMaine alums who will discuss their jobs and work-related questions with individual students. Students in UST 100 interview a mentor from a selected field of interest to gain additional knowledge of their intended career choice. 

 Many students build their programs of study around their intended career, thus extending and creating skill sets that are useful in employment.

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University Studies

Division of Lifelong Learning

Chadbourne Hall, Room 122