Nursing Application Essay Prompts

First-Year Applicants

First Year Nursing Student Application Essay Prompts

UMaine School of Nurses lives our values of empathy and compassion, integrity and excellence, creativity and innovation, diversity, equity and inclusion, accountability, belonging, and connection. We seek prospective students who will join us in living our values. 

Please select two prompts from the options below to respond in 250 words, maximum, for each prompt. Applicants must reflect on their personal experiences, values, and aspirations to provide genuine and well-crafted responses using specific examples.

Please submit a response to the Nursing Essay prompts. Your response to these prompts is required to complete your Nursing application.  Please title your document as “UMaine Nursing Prompts” and include your name, date of birth, and current school with your prompts so that we can match them with your application. You may email your responses to, or send a hard copy through the mail to the University of Maine System, Application Processing Center, PO Box 412, Bangor, ME 04402.

Empathy and Compassion

UMaine School of Nursing values empathy and compassion in our students as essential qualities for providing patient-centered care. Please share an experience in which you demonstrated empathy and compassion towards others. How did this experience influence your decision to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing? How will you continue cultivating empathy and compassion throughout your nursing education and future career?

Integrity and Excellence

At UMaine School of Nursing, we uphold the highest standards of integrity and excellence in nursing practice. Describe a situation where you faced a moral or ethical dilemma and how you approached it with integrity. Additionally, discuss your commitment to achieving excellence in nursing education and practice. How do you plan to uphold ethical standards and strive for excellence as a future nurse?

Creativity and Innovation

UMaine School of Nursing encourages creativity and innovation in nursing practice to enhance patient outcomes and address healthcare challenges. Share an example of how you used creativity and innovation to improve or address an issue. How do you envision incorporating creativity and innovation in your nursing career to contribute to advancements in healthcare delivery and patient care?

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core values at UMaine School of Nursing. Reflect on the importance of diversity in healthcare and nursing, considering both the patient population and the nursing workforce. How do you plan to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in your interactions with patients, colleagues, and communities? What will you, as an individual, bring to our academic nursing community and future patient care communities? Share your perspective on why creating inclusive healthcare and learning environments is crucial.


Accountability is vital in nursing practice to ensure patient safety and quality care. Describe a situation where you demonstrated accountability and took responsibility for your actions or decisions. How do you plan to uphold accountability as a future nurse? Discuss the significance of personal and professional accountability in nursing and its impact on patient outcomes.

Belonging and Connection

At UMaine School of Nursing, we value creating a sense of belonging and fostering connections within our nursing community. Share an experience where you actively contributed to building a supportive and inclusive environment within a healthcare setting or a community. How do you plan to promote a sense of belonging and establish meaningful connections with patients, colleagues, and the broader healthcare community as a nurse?