University Studies

“Students in the Bachelor of University Studies program bring to their studies a wonderful wealth of knowledge growing out of their broad range of experiences as Adult Learners.  Their deep roots in Maine communities not only brings richly diverse perspectives to all University discussions, but also grounds us firmly in our mission to the state.  Every project the University Studies students have worked on with me has contributed to the state’s knowledge base, in photographic, written, and video documentaries of our historical foundations, current social conditions, and impressively varied, culturally rich environments, serving us all and generations to come.”
– Dr. Michael Grillo

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Bachelor of University Studies

122 Chadbourne Hall
The University of Maine
Orono, ME 04469


First-Year Contact

Barbara Howard


Transfer Contact

Barbara Howard


UMaine Online Contact

Tiffany Peterson

Remote: 802.695.0121

Orono: 207.581.3151