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Questions for Financial Aid

When are scholarship funds released for the semester? Aid will start being released about 10 days before the start of the fall semester.
Is there anything that I should do before fall semester starts if I received Graduate Assistantships/Tuition Waiver? Yes, we recommend you you follow up with your department to make sure they have initiated the paperwork to make sure you do not experience any delays.
What is the average hourly commitment for a work study program, and how will it impact my schedule? It will depend on the need of the employer. Typically it is around 10 hours a week and no more than 30 hours a week.
Are there any work study jobs where the student may read/study during work? That absolutely depends on where you get a job. You would have to ask individual places as you apply or get an interview. At StuAid, our students are very busy.
If we were awarded with Work Study through our financial aid package, is that considered Federal Work Study? That is correct federal work study is part of your financial aid package!
Do we choose a work study position? Yes, you can search for the work study positions on CareerLink and apply if you see one that interests you. A message was sent last week to your email regarding how to sign into CareerLink.
Can I get a work study if I was not given one initially? It is possible to get work-study even if not awarded it initially. You will want to reach out to Financial Aid and be put on a wish list that will be looked at once fall semester starts.
When will I be able to accept my financial aid package? You should be able to see your award, if you have been awarded by next week.
If I accept my loans and then get enough scholarships to cover me, do I have to still take the loans? You can always decrease the amount of loan that you accept, if you receive scholarships after. You will need to contact the Financial Aid office to do this.
Where on MaineStreet will I see the FWS award? On your Financial Aid package. View Financial Aid.
When is a good time to apply for a job for work study? And where can I find these jobs on campus? Now! Jobs are being posted currently on CareerLink. You were sent information on your email last Friday on how to sign into CareerLink. If you have trouble, please contact Student Employment at 207-581-1349.
How are students awarded a work-study? If you are eligible, you will be automatically awarded. FWS is a need based award.
What are the benefits of choosing Federal Work Study vs. working part-time (Non Work-Study)? It all depends on what you are looking for. Most work-study jobs are on campus and work around students’ schedules. If you are on campus you might be able to work for a couple of hours between classes. I think convenience is the biggest plus.
What is a work study and how is that different from working a part time job? Federal Work-Study is Federal funds that pay a student’s wages. It is a need based fund. There are many jobs on campus that require work-study as some areas do not have the funding to cover student employees. Benefits to working on campus and flexibility with your schedule where it changes every semester. It is income but the following year when you do the FAFSA that income is not looked at where an off campus part-time job your income will be looked at.
Can students earn more than the work study amount? No however, you can make a request during the semester for additional aid. If there is extra work-study, you may be allowed additional funds.
How do we get paid for work study? A paper check or direct deposit Direct Deposit and you earn it bi-weekly.
Do we have to apply for a part time on campus job before classes start? No you don’t. You can even wait until Spring semester to find a job. A lot of first year incoming students wait until spring so they have the fall to adjust to campus life.
Financially, are there benefits to student employment compared to off campus employment? Yes. The benefit is that the income earned by Federal Work-Study is not reflected in an upcoming academic year as earnings with the students income. Also, with on campus jobs, the employers are much more flexible with student schedules changing a lot and understand their academics come first. If you want to talk more about the benefits please call Student Employment and ask for Amy at 207-581-1349
For finding a job on campus is okay that the photo I.D. is expired like a learners permit? If not what should I do or what other form of photo I.D.s do you accept? Your ID has to be unexpired. So you will want to get your school ID and that can be used.
How does work-study work around classes? You will set your schedule with supervisor after being hired for a job. On campus jobs are the best to get because the employers are very flexible with your class schedules. You are a student first.
What’s the difference between Part Time Federal Work Study and student employment? Federal Work-Study is Federal Funds and many departments on campus require you have it to work for them because they do not have the budgets to cover the costs of hiring a student. Work-Study covers most of it for the departments. There both work-study and non work-study jobs on campus.
If I wanted a work study job in the bookstore what industry would that full under? The bookstore hires students with and without work-study. I would reach out to them directly to see if they are hiring for the fall semester. They do have a couple of jobs posted on CareerLink. You were sent an email last Friday at your email account regarding CareerLink and how to sign in.
Can we see on MaineStreet if we earned Federal Work Study? If you have been awarded, you will see FWS on your award on MaineStreet.
Do we need to have a Maine address to apply for a job? Specifically for an out of state student. No, you do not need a Maine Address to apply for jobs on campus.
If a GI bill applies to our tuition, how would we apply/use it? GI Bill questions should be directed to Tony Llerna at
Is my major tied to any scholarships or financial aid I’m receiving? So if I were to change it, would this affect aid/scholarships? Most scholarships awarded to date are merit based and therefore not attached to a certain major. I’d have to look at your account to be 100%.
How or where do we ask for our financial aid to be reconsidered? It depends. I would call when you get a chance – 207-581-1324. If your family circumstances have changed, you may be able to do an appeal.
When do we find out if we had received scholarships, like the Class of 1991 or Bear Pair scholarship? We will begin awarding our application-based scholarships soon and they will be awarded throughout the summer. We notify all applicants when the scholarship has been awarded, whether you are selected as a recipient or not.
How do we complete the Federal Loan for student aid? If you want to borrow the federal loans, you will need to accept the loans through your MaineStreet portal. As a first time borrower you will need to complete a Master promissory note and Entrance counseling. This can be done at
If I had deferred my enrollment to the spring semester, will I still be considered for any UMaine scholarships I had applied for? Yes.
When I try to view my financial aid on Mainestreet, it says my inquiry access was denied. What does that mean, and how can I view my financial aid? Students are currently not able to view financial aid awards, but they should be available again by the end of the week. Please check back. In the meantime, you are welcome to call our office at 207-581-1324 to discuss your award.
How do I accept the financial agreement? You will need to log on to your MaineStreet Portal. On the Student Center section, there is a Financial Aid link in the billing section of the page. Click on that and it will take you to the page to accept your financial aid.
What do we do with scholarship checks? You should endorse the check and send to our scholarship department. If you are not comfortable sending the check in the mail, you can wait until you arrive for the semester.
What financial needs need to be completed before classes start? Bills will be calculated in July and any remaining payment after financial aid is due on August 15th. If you need additional assistance paying the bill, you may choose to apply for a Parent PLUS Loan ( or an alternative loan ( The financial aid presenter will be speaking more about this in a few minutes.
If I am in the ROTC program (the 5-year full ride scholarship) how and will I be able to use the financial aid award that was given to me? The ROTC scholarship will be a part of your financial aid award. If you have specific questions about how this works, please email Jessica Clements at!
What’s the school code for the FAFSA? 2053
When do we need to do FAFSA for the 2022-2023 school year? The FAFSA for that year will open on October 1, 2021, at that time you can apply for 2022-2023 aid.
I received three scholarships when I graduated High School do I need to fill anything out? You will need to send a copy of the letters to the Financial Aid office.
I completed the scholarship acknowledgement form how will I be notified if I was eligible for a scholarship? If you are awarded a scholarship, you will receive email notification from the Office of Student Financial Aid. We also recommend visiting to apply for additional scholarship opportunities.
I applied for one of the scholarships available through the university for children that work for certain companies; (BIW), when would I find out if I received this scholarship? The Scholarship area will be working on those scholarships very soon. They will reach out to you via email at your email.
When taking out a loan, when will we be in contact with a service person? Once your loans disburse to your account, you will be assigned to a loan servicer. They will communicate with you via email or postal mail (depending on your preference).
What are the financial aid office hours? Our hours are 8:30 to 4:15 Monday – Friday.
What is a financial award? If you complete a FAFSA, based on that information, we will offer certain types of aid to help pay for your bill.
What do we need to do to ‘accept’ a scholarship from UMaine? Do we have to mail anything in? You do not need to accept scholarships. Any scholarships you are awarded will automatically be applied to your account.
Do I need to indicate somewhere if I’m not requesting financial aid and therefore am not filling out a FASFA? No you do not indicate you are not filing a FAFSA
Is your financial aid award separate from you loan application? When you complete a FAFSA, based on that information, we will award a financial aid package, which included federal direct loans. If you need additional loan, above and beyond the FA package, that is an independent process.
Are meal plans included in the initial cost estimate per year that comes in the financial aid packet? Yes.
What are the limitations on UMaine awarded scholarships, is the money held by the school or is it put into a personal bank account? Scholarships and any other aid you are awarded will be disbursed to your student account. Funds are first applied to your bill to pay any tuition, fee, room, and board charges. If you have remaining funds available after your bill is paid, a refund will be issued to you. We recommend students sign up for direct deposit so any refunds can be sent directly to your bank account. Directions for signing up for direct deposit are available here:
If you accept a loan for your first year, do you need to continue to accept it for the following years? You do not need to accept the loans in following years if you do not need them. The option will be there for you each time you file a FAFSA.
I was told I was eligible for multiple scholarships in a letter in the mail, but I’ve only seen one of them on MaineStreet so far. Is this normal? Our office does send out tentative letters when we need some documents from you. If you do not see all of your awards please contact us at or call us during business hours at 207-581-1324
With outside scholarships, I have some scholarships that have to be turned in by August. With the tuition bill coming out mid-July, will there be any delay in paying my bills on time? Report the scholarships on MaineStreet under anticipated aid. That way the Bursar’s office will know the funds are coming and won’t charge you a late fee.
Should we notify the financial aid office if we got outside scholarships? Yes, you can send in a copy of the letter(s)
when should our parents apply for a parent plus loans. We get notified if the applicant has been approved or denied within a couple of days. The bill will come out around the middle of July and will be due August 15th. I would have them apply when they can see the bill on your MaineStreet account.
If we received a scholarship from a different organization, how would we know if they contacted the school? We ask that students notify us of all outside scholarships they receive. Please send us copies of any scholarship letters you receive. If you receive any scholarship checks, those must also be sent to the Office of Student Financial Aid.
Where can we accept our financial aid awards? Got to your MaineStreet self service and click on accept/decline awards and make sure you are on 2022 academic year.
When does the Parent-loan information get added to the account? Once the parent is approved for the loan, we will get notification of the approval. We will then post the loan to your award.
Do federal loans help cover room and board if my tuition is covered by scholarships? Yes
Scholarships are not paid back. Correct? That is correct. Scholarships and grants are “free money.”
My daughter missed the OTHS band scholarship opportunity for UMaine…she plans to play in UMaine band – can she apply for it next year? Two year all state participate. I would have her email Elizabeth Downing and ask the question. Her email is
I know that we need to inform the school about the scholarships that we receive- how would I do that? Who would I contact? Scholarship letters can be sent to our office via mail or our secure document upload ( Checks should be sent to our office as well. Our contact information is available here:
Are these scholarships different from the ones we have received through our high school? Yes, these are scholarships that donors have provide to UMaine students only.
Can people who got merit still apply at “scholarshipuniverse”? Yes
If I am not notified of my results for a scholarship till after the school year begins do I do anything differently? Because you may or may not receive the scholarship, you should pay your bill in full. If you end up receiving a scholarship and have paid the bill, you will receive a refund.
I was given a scholarship, but it doesn’t go into affect until after my first year. Do I have to report that even though I haven’t got the scholarship yet? Yes please.
My student needs to complete the ‘financial terms and conditions.’ Can you please tell me where on MaineStreet he finds that? On the Student Center, in the To do list section. Click ‘details’.
How do we find out if we need 15 hours for our scholarship? You will be sent the scholarship eligibility criteria based on what scholarship you received. The information always is on the admissions website.
If a scholarship required a 15 credit semester but a class was failed would that scholarship be denied or not because the 15 credit classes were still taken? The 15 credits required to receive 100% of your merit scholarship for that semester are measured at the beginning of the semester after the add/drop period (first 2 weeks), so this is before grades are evaluated. If you fail a course, we will not retroactively reduce your scholarship for that semester.
How do you report a ROTC scholarship? Please report it on your MaineStreet under anticipated resources. If you need help please contact the office at 207-581-1324
How in MaineStreet do you report outside scholarships? Navigate to your Student Center and scroll down to the “Finances” section. Here you can click on “View Financial Aid.” Select the 2022 aid year. This will allow you to view/accept your award, and also to report outside scholarships. If this is your first time visiting the page, you will be walked through a step-by-step award acceptance process and reporting outside scholarships are part of this. If you have visited this page before, the link for reporting outside aid/scholarships will be available at the bottom of your screen. 
What happens if we take less than 15 credits and don’t report it? Aid will be disbursed at 15 credits, if you do not report enrollment less than that we will adjust your award after the add/drop period.
Do you have to do the FASFA if you do not need financial aid? You do not need to file a FAFSA but we strongly suggest that you do. A lot of scholarships require a FAFSA.
So if we choose more than 15 credits, it could cost more and actually reduce the merit amount in the future because we could fall under 15? If you take more than 15 credits one semester, you should still try to take 15 credits the next semester, if possible. If you take less than 15 credits, your merit will be prorated.
Re: instructions for completing financial terms and conditions — my student is not finding anything called Student Center . . . ? When you are logged into MaineStreet, you will need to click on the navigator icon. Click on Self Service and then Student Center.
How can we tell how many credits a class is to meet the 15 credit requirement? I have my schedule from navigate but where do I go from there? Under academics it should say how many credits.
For the Scholarship Universe page, when inputting your current residence and you are an international student, should you put your home country or Maine USA because you will be moving there in a couple months? You would put your home country.
If the to do list item is marked as “initiated” is there something more I need to do to complete the task? I am assuming you are talking about the Financial Terms and Conditions. There is a ‘submit’ button. The item will drop off your To Do List when complete. You can contact our office at 207.581.1521 for a step by step walk through if needed. We are open 8:00-4:30.
If I bring my SS card, do I also need birth certificate? No just one No, you need one identification that proves US citizenship and one should be a photo ID (Driver’s license).
What was option 3 for identification if we plan to work in the fall? Birth Certificate or Social Security card “For US resident, you will either need
1. Active US passport OR
2. Picture ID (license or state issued id)
3. AND SS card or Birth Certificate”
Is someone with an athletic scholarship allowed to get a job on campus? That depends on the amount of your athletic scholarship.
I am getting another birth certificate from the state so that my parents can keep the original one. Is this excepted? Yes, as long as it is an official copy, not a photocopy.
Must International students still pay the 1098-T? International students will receive a 1098-T. Scholarships are only taxable to the extent they are greater than qualified tuition and fees. If that happens a student will receive a form 1042S and could be subject to withholding on the scholarships.
Is a passport card an acceptable form of ID for employment? Yes.
Are we able to get VA aid and scholarship aid from the college? Please contact our office either via email ( or phone (207-581-1332) so we may look at your individual situation and type of VA aid and scholarships you are receiving.
Can outside scholarships contribute to room and board? Yes. You will be charged for tuition, fees, room and board. Your outside scholarships, along with any financial aid or UMaine scholarships you receive will be applied to that bill.
How and when do you notify UMaine of a scholarship that is dependent upon GPA of 3.0 first semester for it to be applied to second semester? Send it right away. The scholarship department will keep the information on file for the spring semester.
If you are getting money fro the VA each month to pay for tuition should I choose a calculated plan or a calculated plan? You could use the calculated plan and use your VA $ each month to cover the payments.
Is CareerLink an app? It’s a website:
Can jobs be applied for spring semester only or do they run all year? Yes, they can be applied for in the Spring semester.
How many student jobs are generally available? Ball-park number… Pre Covid we had over 4000 jobs on campus with over 3200 students filling those jobs. Some student have more than 1 job on campus.
Do you need to do the FAFSA if you don’t plan on getting loans? Is it required for scholarships? No, you do not need to do a FAFSA for Alternative loans. Some UMaine scholarships are need based and the need would be determined based on the FAFSA. So if a student is up for a scholarship that is need based and we have no FAFSA they will not be awarded the scholarship.
What was the form for roll over of financial aid funds to future bills?
If you are awaiting a scholarship or a loan will your classes be held past that due date? The bills are due 8/15, but many people experience delays. If you have a scholarship or loan in process, you should report this in Anticipated Resources – We do not remove students from classes because of a past due bill, but we do not allow enrollment if future semesters until the current bill is paid.
Does our high school report those scholarships or do we? Where do I report my scholarships? You would send our scholarship department copies of the scholarship letters/notifications that you receive.
How long does it usually take for your CareerLink sign up to be confirmed? That depends. Maybe over night. I would try to get on tomorrow and if you have trouble please contact Student Employment at 207-581-1349
Do we have to report our outside scholarships or is it optional It is not optional. You need to report it as it gets included in your financial aid package.
When you say school ID that can be used do you mean my MaineCard or my highschool ID? Your MaineCard
When I report my additional resources will it reduce my financial aid award amount? That depends on how much you have in additional resources. Students can not have more than the cost of education. A lot does depend on need based aid vs. non need based aid. It might be beneficial to give our office a call at 207-581-1324 so that you can talk with an advisor and they will be able to provide you with a little more information depending on your information.

Questions for the Bursar’s Office

How soon do you have to pay the financial aid loans back? Right away or by the end of the school year? Your federal loans are not due until 6 months after graduation or dropping below 1/2 time. You can choose to make payments while you are enrolled but you are not obligated to.
When is room and board due? Room and board will be due with the rest of the bill, approximately 8/15/2021
When will we get our bill for the fall semester? Fall bills will be available in early to mid July. You will receive an email notification when billing statement is created.
If I wanted to pay for part of college early could I send money prior to receiving my bill? If you sent a check to the Bursar’s Office, make sure your name, MaineStreet ID, and an explanation as to what you would like them to do. I’m sure they are happy to accept your funds and would put a credit on your account until the billing is up.
Can we pay our share of tuition with a credit card? If yes, is there a fee? Yes, but the credit card processor will charge a 2.85% convenience fee.
How do we decide how we pay our bill or is there only one specific way/plan? You will want to call Financial Aid office and speak with an advisor about all the options to help pay for college. 
Are the bills that are released for the entire year or by the semester? Bills are sent out for each semester.
Is there a way to pay for a semester monthly, instead of all at one time? If so, how do I do that? We do have a way to pay monthly through an installment payment plan. You can find more details on how that works here
If we use all of our aid / loans for the fall semester can we pay the remainder over the semester (with money from working) or does it all have to be paid before classes? Asking because most of my scholarships don’t kick in until semester #2. We offer 2 payment plan options. 
When will we be getting a bill for Fall semester? Bills will be sent out no later than mid-July. 
When are bills going to be sent out and how? We will not be sending paper bills this year. You will be able to see your charges on your MaineStreet account around the middle of July.
When we choose a plan to pay forward our tuition and loans, do we need to notify UMaine financial aid before we go forward? Also where can we look to find out specific payments and bills are due? You do not have to notify the Financial Aid Office if you enroll in a payment plan. Bills will be due 8/15 (or enrollment in a payment plan by 8/15). You will be receiving an email notification when billing statements are created. Our website has lots of info, including our contact info. Visit
A question for the Bursar, I began registration for an Early College course last spring but then Covid happened and I never finished the registration process. I thought. Then I was billed and a hold was put on my account. We paid for that course to remove the hold, but I never took the course because I didn’t know I was registered! Is there anything I can do? Please email me at and we will get it taken care of.
My parents are divorced and each of them need to set up their own payment plan. How would they do that? We will give info on how to set them up in MaineStreet.
Where do we find the waiver to have our parents have access to our billing information? There is a form on Student Records website called “Consent to Release”. If you complete that form and send it to Student Records, whomever you wish can speak to staff about your account.
If we pay off the federal loans prior to graduation, are we charged interest? If you borrow an Unsubsidized loan, the interest is accruing while you are in school. The Subsidized loan is not accruing interest. Students are not penalized for pre-paying the loans.
When will we receive the bill for room and board? As well as the FAFSA acceptance. To find out how much would be remaining for out of pocket expense. How long does it take to receive acceptance to the housing building you are accepted to? Room and board will be included with the entire bill the middle of July. For a better idea of what the “balance” will be, call the general FA question 207-581-1324 and ask for an estimate of what your bill will be after you receive your aid.
I am taking 4 Early College/Summer courses currently. Is there a certain day I must pay my bill by or…? In your Student Center in MaineStreet, click on View my Bill, then Charges Due by Date. Most summer bills were due by 5/15, but those that enrolled after 5/15 will have a later date.
Will y’all discuss Post 9/11 GI Bill? That will not be discussed tonight. We recommend you contact to direct your specific question(s), you can also contact us at or call 207.581.1521.
What are they ways bills can be paid? Credit card, check, etc.? We offer several payment options. Details can be found here – Yes, we accept checks, ACH payments, and Credit Card (the credit card process will charge a 2.85% convenience fee). We also offer payment plans. Details are availabe here –
Can you apply for a parent plus loan and make payments to the school in addition to minimize the end loan amount? Yes, you can do both, Payment plan and a Parent Loan.
Is there a discount to pay for the full year up front? UMaine does not have this as an option. Bills are based on the total credit hours enrolled each term, and that can/will vary from semester to semester.
Has the tuition for the 2021-2022 academic year been posted? It has not been posted yet. Waiting for the Board of Trustee’s to meet to give the final word on what the tuition will be.
Can parents access billing and payment on students account? You can find detailed instruction here –
Can we pay full year upfront? Because you won’t necessarily know the charges for the spring semester until you are registered for classes, any additional aid paid will stay on your account as a credit, as long as you set it up with the Bursar’s office. There are directions on their website –
Is Tuition the same for 12 Credits as it is for 15 Credits? No, tuition would be more for 15 credits vs. 12.
Is tuition charged by credit or is it a lump sum up to a certain number of credits? We charge by credit hour. We have the 2021/2022 tuition and fees posted to our site –
If bills are online only, are we able to write a check for the amount that is due and mail it to the school? and if I did that way, would be bill go away once the school receive it? Once the entire bill has been paid, the amount due will go away.
Are Debit cards accepted as well? Yes, BUT, it is processed as a credit card payment and will incur the 2.85% convenience fee by the credit card processor. Debit cards are linked to your checking or savings account. To avoid the 2.85% fee, you can choose ACH and enter the banks routing number and your account number.
Do you have to activate a Payment Plan? Yes, if you wish to pay via payment plan, you must sign up for it. More information is available here:
Will I have to enroll in a payment plan if I am taking out loans? Payment Plans are optional and offered as an alternative to loans. Loans have a longer repayment time, where as payment plans are paid off each term.
Are the meal plans included in these payments and how and when does a student choose that to determine the cost? You will choose the meal plan through your housing portal. Once you have selected the plan, that will be billed to your account each semester.
Are book purchases added to the bill or paid separately? Paid separately.
Would the calculated plan or the expected plan be better for someone who is expecting second semester outside scholarships? Payment plans are term by term. The calculated plan will take into account aid on term by term basis as well.
Wait so can you not do payment plans and take out loans at the same time? You can, you just don’t have to do both. You can take loans or enroll in payment plans, or a combination, depending on your own personal financial situation.
When I view my bill on MaineStreet, it shows a column that says pending financial aid. Is this the actual amount that I may be getting? Correct. Pending financial aid is the aid you have been awarded for the upcoming fall semester. This amount will include all grants and scholarships. Direct loans will be included in this amount after you accept them. If you haven’t already accepted your direct loans, you may do so by visiting your MaineStreet Student Center, and clicking on “View Financial Aid” in the Finances section. 
My son is an incoming Freshman MEE student. The 1st semester credits for MEE is 17 hours. Does this mean I’ll be paying more for his tuition than what was presented to us on his acceptance packaged. I ask this because several times 15 credits has been mentioned. Yes, you are correct. 15 credit hours is standard but programs like engineering often have their students take extra credits.
Can direct deposit be set up for a bank account other than the student? A parent’s bank account for example? Yes. The direct deposit can be any US bank account.
If you end up dropping a class after paying the tuition, do you get a partial refund? It will depend on the timing of the class. The last day to drop a class for a full refund is 9/13. You can see this by clicking the calendar icon on your schedule in your Student Center and by referring to the Student Records website for the Academic Calendar – The full refund policy is posted here –

Questions about RLE’s 

On the email sent out it said the RLEs had the credit cost waved this semester, but it says on my schedule I’m going to be charged $390? That is correct. The one credit course is free, but there is a $390 fee that covers the expenses (including housing and meals) for the week prior to courses starting in the fall. If you need additional financial assistance, please reach out to Alison Reed at 207.581.1331 or More information is also available online at
Which department should we speak to about financial aid for the RLEs? Please contact Alison Reed in the Financial Aid Office at 207-581-1331 or
On the new UMaine Experience, I see each of my classes with a corresponding “Unit” amount, all between 1 and 4. Is this “Unit” number the credit amount of the class? Yes
I know the cost of tuition for early week of the RLE, but is the extra credit during the semester tuition-free? Correct. The course itself is free, but there is a $390 fee which covers the first week.

Questions for Admissions

When will we do Orientation Leader Groups? The Orientation Leader Groups will be starting the week of June 28 and you will hear from your Leader soon!
If we earned an out of state scholarship and pay out of state tuition; if we qualify for in-state tuition after a certain amount of time, will our scholarship decrease in its amount? Yes, if your residency status changes to in-state, then your scholarship award will be re-evaluated and changed to an in-state scholarship.
Will I count as an in-state student if I change my residence from my previous state to Maine? Or is it more complicated than that? It is more complicated. Please contact Financial Aid and speak with an advisor. 207-581-1324
Is it possible to change classes in my schedule? Yes, please contact your academic area regarding your course schedule. They will be able to best advise you on what courses you should be taking.
Hi, is there a way to ensure that all communication is being sent to my sons umaine email account? It seems that some emails are not being sent….ie the work study email you referenced. Please have your son email and request all information is sent to his email address.
When is it possible to apply for in-state tuition after transferring from out-of-state? Depends on the circumstances on why you feel you should be charged instate and not out of state. You should give Financial Aid a call at 207-581-1324 and speak with a Financial Aid Advisor regarding it. They will be able to give you more information and guide you to the area.
What is an Orientation Leader Group? This summer the incredible team of students that work as student ambassadors for Admissions, known as Team Maine, will be hosting a program called Orientation Leaders. New students can choose between a variety of interest groups. It will be a summer long chats and zoom sessions on preparing to come to campus and to meet a cohort of students before you even arrive. Please jump in here and register to learn more!
What type of requirements are attached to presidential flagship scholarships? Renewal criteria is listed here: Also, this particular scholarship requires a cumulative 3.0 GPA, which will be measured at the end of each spring semester.
Are merit scholarships effected by need? No, students don’t have to have need to get merit scholarships.
Where can we find our student ID number? Your Student ID# can be found within Mainestreet in your student information; it is often also included in your acceptance and admissions paperwork.
Is the Merit scholarship renewable each school year? If you were awarded a Merit scholarship you will be sent the merit criteria renewal eligibility.
Our incoming freshman received the Flagship scholarship. Which is great! What if we move from that state in the time our student is at UMaine? At this time, we would not have a way to automatically track this. If you happened to be randomly selected for a Financial Aid audit, we may make a discovery at that time. If the parents moved perm residence to Maine, the student should complete a Residency Appeal –
What was that FaceBook group for parents that was just mentioned? Official University of Maine Parent and Family FaceBook Group:
Due to family circumstances, I had to defer my enrollment to the Spring 2022 Semester. Will there be another orientation then? Yes, we will be offering an orientation in January for students entering in the Spring of 2022.

Questions for Student Life

When it comes to student electronics such as laptops. Will there be giveaways or events as to which we could win a new laptop? Unfortunately that is not something I have seen done.
Can you use your own laptop instead of buying one through the school? Yes, you can use your own laptop.
When will the Fall books be posted? You have to buy your fall books. They are not posted on your bill. If you are registered for classes you should be able to find what text book is need for the class. Students order books in many different way. The University Bookstore can help you.
Where can we find our book list? On your MaineStreet. If you click on your class schedule you should be able to see what textbook is needed. You can also contact the University Bookstore for assistance.
How do we know what books are needed for each class? You can take a look at what books are listed for each course using the Bookstore website (
Are we able to use Solidworks as an engineering student before hand without paying out of pocket right away with our student email? Yes, just go to and get the software using your account. It usually takes 24 hrs to receive the code.
Where do you get a MaineCard from? If you are living on campus you will get your MaineCard when you check into your residence hall. If you are living off campus, you can arrange to pick up your card in August. Make sure you check your email for how to upload your ID photo.
For getting a MaineCard what is another form of government id beside driver license allowed? If the student has a passport that serves as both ID’s. If not then we would need a school or photo ID along with either the Birth Certificate or Social Security Card. All have to be original and unexpired documents.
When do we receive our MaineCard? I recently did the photo id/ government pics required and got approved. What is the next step? If you are living on campus you will get your MaineCard when you check into your residence hall. If you are living off campus, you can arrange to pick up your card in August.
Are there any communal scanners available like there is communal printing? The IT printers are all equipped with scanners. The print stations are located in two dorms, the Memorial Union and the Fogler Library.
How do I open a Bear Bucks account? The 16 digit number is necessary for text book requests. You will use your MaineCard for your Bear Bucks. You can add money either through the MaineCard office or online once you get your card. To do a textbook reservation you’ll need a credit card on file.
Are Covid 19 vaccinations required to be submitted? Not as of today. More information on immunizations can be found here:
When is the clubs and organizations fair? The clubs and organizations fair is held the first week of classes. Typically it is held outside on the mall. (front of the library)

Questions for Academics

How can I figure out how many credits I am taking? Once your schedule is on your account in MaineStreet, when you look at each class individually, it will tell you how many credits each is worth.
This is probably the wrong session to ask this, but it appears in MaineStreet that I have a schedule conflict (a class and a lab at the same time). Who should I contact about this? You should contact your College directly in regards to your schedule conflict.
We got the schedule automatically selected, but not sure how many credits it is in total. You can view your enrollment on MaineStreet in the Student Center.
Are credits the ‘same’ as ‘units’ specified on the classes say they are 3 units? Yes, that is correct. 3 units is equal to 3 credits.
Is 15 credits the largest amount you can take? No, students can take more the 15 credits should these chose to.

Questions for Housing/Dining

Is the microwave and fridge rental added to the bill? When do we reserve? You’ll rent the MicroChill from College Products. Get information about renting at
Is there ethernet ports in the rooms? Most halls are Wi-Fi only. Our Halls utilize high speed Wi-Fi. Learn about Internet in Res Halls at
Are there ethernet cables in the dorms so we can hardwire devices, because a hardwired connection is generally smoother when streaming videos, and other larger bandwith consuming activities. Yes, there are ethernet ports but you’ll want to bring the cable. Our Halls utilize high speed Wi-Fi. Learn about Internet in Res Halls at
Can you bring your own printer? Yes
When do we move in to dorm rooms? The weekend before classes start. You will be notified in advance of your move in date and time.
Do we have a housing deposit we have to pay? No, there is no housing deposit and the application for housing is free.
If we aren’t living on campus, how would we apply a meal plan? You are not required to have a meal plan if you live off campus, but if you would like a commuter meal plan, you can purchase one. Here is the link to view the meal plans.

Questions for IT

What is brightspace? Brightspace is our learning portal where students can go to find information related to thier courses.
How can I change my UMS account password? Before you can access your student account(s) for the first time, you will need to activate your account.
Account activation, password change/recovery, etc. is managed through the UMS account management page at
When we click on the brightspace link for example on the launchpad, will it send us to brightspace already logged into our account or do we have to login once we are there? Correct! Anything that you access through the portal ( will send you to that location already logged in.
What anti-virus software is used? If you are using a PC you are already protected with your Windows operating system
Can you download office on a Mac? Absolutely, as long as it meets the tech requirements. MacOS version 10.14 or newer is needed, for example.
What is the launchpad, and how/where can I access it online? The lauchpad is a portal that allows you to get to all of our services with one login. It can be access through this link
Can IT help if my computer isn’t working properly? The IT help desk is available to all students and they are located in the basement of Shibles Hall, where you can take your computer or laptop to be looked at.
How do we switch from the traditional MaineStreet view to the new one? This is done on the tile screen right after you login. “Classic Student Center” is the traditional view and “New MaineStreet Experience” is the new view.
Where do I go to re take the math placement exam? The easiest way to get there is through our website. Here is the link:

Questions for Student Records

Who can I contact about transfer credits that are now gone from my MaineStreet portal? You should contact the Student Records office. 207-581-1290 or
If you already sent in the form of consent for your parents to see your grades, do you have you fill out another one when you get to campus? Once you complete a Student Consent to Release Information Form, it will remain active the entire time you are a student, unless you revoke the permission in writing.
How do we know which form to fill out and submit before the school year starts? Ex. immunization records, FERPA. You will have items to complete in your To Do List (the right side of your Student Center in MaineStreet) Student Consent Form (FERPA) can be found here
How do you submit the immunizations for a student? This is done through the student records office and more info can be found here:
Where can we get a list of required immunizations? Is Covid reqired? Here are our required immunizations. At this time, the Covid vaccine is not required, but strongly encouraged.
My son only has gotten one item on his to do list for immunization. Shouldn’t he have more items or are they listed somewhere else? If that is all he currently has then yes. Keep in mind that new items can be added to the “To Do List” at any time so it is important to keep checking it.