Eastern Maine Community College – UMaine Transfer Agreements

UMaine is proud to work with Eastern Maine Community College (EMCC) to encourage EMCC students to consider continuing their education by earning a bachelor’s degree at UMaine.

Below are programs supported by UMaine and EMCC that are available to EMCC students.  For details about each transfer program, click on the link provided.

AAS in Education to BS in Elementary Education

UMaine’s nationally NCATE accredited program that prepares students for K – 8 teacher certification.

AAS in Early Childhood Education to BS in Child Development/Family Relations, Early Childhood Education

UMaine’s nationally NCATE accredited program that prepares students for K-3 teacher certification and the Maine State birth-age 5 endorsement.

AAS Electrical and Automation Technology to BS in Electrical Engineering Technology

UMaine’ s nationally ABET accredited program prepares students for electrical engineering careers in industry.

AAS Civil Engineering Technology to BS in Construction Engineering Technology

UMaine’ nationally ABET accredited program that blends construction, engineering and management.

AA Liberal Studies to Bachelor of University Studies, Leadership concentration

A flexible online or on campus program that focuses on developing strong leadership skills in preparation for career or personal success.


Participation in the AdvantageU program streamlines admission to UMaine for EMCC students graduating with an associate in arts degree in liberal studies.

Benefits of the agreement include:

  • Guaranteed admission at junior standing, when G.P.A. admission requirements are met.
  • Dual advising to ensure maximum transferability of community college courses.
  • Waiver of UMS application fees.

In many cases, students admitted to UMaine through AdvantageU are able to complete their baccalaureate degree within two years.

For more information about AdvantageU go to the University of Maine System’s AdvantageU web page.

UM/MECCC General Education Block Transfer

The Transfer Block is a defined set of general education requirements that transfer into all University of Maine System and Maine Community College System institutions. Students who complete all the requirements of the Transfer Block will have completed the bulk of their general education requirements at all of Maine’s public institutions. Maine’s universities may require up to additional 11 credits of general education credits specific to their program, or to a specific bachelor’s degree.   Completing the Transfer Block, however, does not guarantee admission to a particular university.  For more information, consult your EMCC adviser.

Reverse Transfer

EMCC students who decide to transfer to UMaine before completing their Associate’s degree may be able to transfer courses from UMaine back to EMCC to complete and earn their Associate’s degree from EMCC.  Students interested in a reverse transfer should contact their EMCC adviser for more information.

Please note: These agreements are frequently renewed and may at times be under renewal.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your academic adviser at EMCC or the UMaine Admission Office.