UMaine Transfer Agreements

UMaine is proud to work with the following colleges and universities to provide clear pathways for students to complete a bachelor’s degree at UMaine. For information about transfer agreements with UMaine Machias, the regional campus of the University of Maine, please visit the UMaine Machias Transfer Agreement webpage

Students interested in transferring to UMaine are encouraged to complete an admissions application early in the semester prior to the semester they are planning to transfer.  Suggested time lines, application forms and information about the transfer process can be found on the UMaine Transfer Admission web page.  Transfer students are encouraged to complete their FAFSA as soon as the form is available (usually in October) and to add UMaine if UMaine was not included when they initially completed their FAFSA. 

To find out if UMaine will be visiting your college or university sometime soon, check out the UMaine in Your Area or ask the transfer advising office on your campus.

Please note: Transfer agreements are frequently renewed and may at times be under renewal.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the transfer advising office on your campus or the UMaine Admissions Office.